Apr. 5, 2012

Snow day!! April 2012

Abby has been very creative!  I chose a ton of library books for her while she was in a class last week, and she sat and went through them today and found a craft she liked - turning old gloves and socks in to soft toys.  Her sewing skils are coming on really well - as is her imagination.  I love what she made - she then created one for Sam too for Easter :) 

Cuddles and smiles and playing and reading and LOTS of love with my Sammy boy this morning.  He has also been outside building a fort and playing in his room...He's had a fun day all round:

My Rosie Posie isn't too impressed with all the cold and snow, BUT she did have fun outside chasing the snowballs Sam threw for her :) 

Sam playing with his collection of transformers.  Today was very much a pj day after all the cancellations we had because of the bad weather and snow storm:

My Mirror wall in my bedroom:

Saw this on FB and thought it was great :

Been thinking about a certain someone...and wondering..


Winter storm in Spring...

We woke to a Winter Wonderland again today, which scuppered all our plans.  Buses were cancelled, classes were cancelled, swimming was cancelled.  Brian couldn't get to work on his first attempt, and on his second attempt there was a tree across the driveway which was a BIG sign to say DO NOT GO!  
And then Millennium Place was closed down because of a power outage anyway.  

So it seems all in all our day totally not meant to be!  My friend saw 20 cars in the ditch on the Henday - the slushy snow was just sucking the cars in to the ditch!!

Sam enjoyed seeing the magical snow out of the window - because yesterday we had NONE - and today we have so much again:

So pretty.  I am glad we were organized and stocked up yesterday with what we needed for the next couple of days - it should melt fast - and even if we need our rubber boots/ welly boots for a few of our activities this Easter, it should be fine!!!  :)  We have a whole weekend of Easter fun planned out!  Can't wait - it's my favourite holiday!  Laurence and I stopped off last night and got everything ready :)  

Fun fun fun!!! So - it might not look like Spring outside, but it sure does feel like it inside our home :)  

Have a wonderful long Easter weekend everyone!!

Recent sunset pictures from our drives......

We definitely get some incredible skies here in Alberta.

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