Oct. 4, 2012

First meeting of our group!!

Tonight we went to the very first meeting for the new homeschool group!
It is an evening group so that hopefully a few more Dads may be able to join in - which is a great idea EXCEPT no Dads went!  Apart from the guy who is running it!

It was a lot of run - and the time flew by!  Tonight they just tie-dyed tshirts with a koolaid mixture and these will become their weekly uniform :) 

Next week we are making scarecrows :) 

Window Displays...

We walked by the local art gallery today and found they have decorated their windows ready for Halloween!  Wow they are amazing!  A little TOO gory perhaps for little ones - but very clever!!

Friday Fill-ins

And...here we go!

1. I said I'd like most of the house packed before the student arrives on Wednesday. 

2. more tea is what I'm craving right now. 

3. I was thinking about having an early night but yet again I didn't. 

4. I'll be eating pumpkin pie this weekend, will you? 

5. We should have a fairly quiet Thanksgiving weekend. 

6. I will have to go shopping for boots whether I want to or not!

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home hopefully, tomorrow my plans include waking up and seeing what we feel like doing and Sunday, I want to take Rosie for a lovely long walk! 

the rest of our day....

Chilling out at home for a few hours before we head out again for our new group!!!
Played Go Fish with Sam....

After the wilderness centre we headed into town to the library for a couple of hours.  I wrote on a post-it note and added it to the mural they are creating.  You had to finish the sentence 'I think my library is...'

We saw Val and her crew in the library and I chatted with K and J for a while...Sam played on the wii and Abby searched  up books and dvd's.  After that we went to Education Station to look for a compass (they didn't have one but we found one in Walmart) and I bought a spelling game for Sam - it is an electronic game and focuses on blends.  It gives you two letters and you have to figure out the first two letters.  There are three levels.  He seems to enjoy playing it.  Wish it had a volume button though!

Just having fish, fries and vegetables, and then we are off in to town to start our new evening homeschool group!!  Tie dying our uniform tshirts tonight!!  :)  

Frosty morning...

We woke up to a frosty scene this morning.  It was very beautiful though!  

We had to head out early and it was pretty dismal looking at the temperature:

It ended up being a lovely crisp Fall morning though!!  Abigail had an orienteering class at the Wilderness Centre.  While she was there for two hours, Sam and I met up with friends and headed for a walk around the trails.  T brought me coffee and and brought L a chai tea...so we all had our hot drinks to warm us up!!  And chocolate dipped strawberries!!  I swear I have the BEST friends :)  

The orienteering class was HUGE - the classroom was packed full of older kids/ teens which is so great to see!  So many people are homeschooling now :)  

T can pick Sam up and swing him around like a sack of potatoes, which is hilarious :)  

Little W came along with us and is just soooo cute and fun to photograph:

Poor W though - Sam would NOT hold her hand ;)  

Abigails class was split in to groups and they went off to go orienteering - trying to be faster than the other groups!


Beautiful scenery even without it's colour!!


The trails at the wilderness centre are soooo pretty.  Can't wait to go there cross country skiing again!!

Scavenger Hunt fun!!!

Yesterday we met our homeschool group at Elk Island Park for a fun afternoon by the lake.  We used the picnic shelter up on the hill, and had two fires going to keep us all warm and toasty!  Lorraine had planned a fabulous scavenger hunt and the children split in to groups and headed off to find everything - trying to be the first team back!  

We had smores and snakes over the fire and then went on a walk around the boardwalk before heading home via the Bison Trail.  

The picnic shelter on the hill:

Lovely fire to keep us snug:

My crazy friends:

Beautiful Fall colours:

Strange creature of Elk Island:

On the drive home:

Astotin Lake surrounded by Fall colour:

The bison were rutting and it was fun to watch and listen to them battle it out from so close!  

Some just lazily watched the fights:

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