Oct. 4, 2012

the rest of our day....

Chilling out at home for a few hours before we head out again for our new group!!!
Played Go Fish with Sam....

After the wilderness centre we headed into town to the library for a couple of hours.  I wrote on a post-it note and added it to the mural they are creating.  You had to finish the sentence 'I think my library is...'

We saw Val and her crew in the library and I chatted with K and J for a while...Sam played on the wii and Abby searched  up books and dvd's.  After that we went to Education Station to look for a compass (they didn't have one but we found one in Walmart) and I bought a spelling game for Sam - it is an electronic game and focuses on blends.  It gives you two letters and you have to figure out the first two letters.  There are three levels.  He seems to enjoy playing it.  Wish it had a volume button though!

Just having fish, fries and vegetables, and then we are off in to town to start our new evening homeschool group!!  Tie dying our uniform tshirts tonight!!  :)  

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