Oct. 29, 2012


Abigail had French class today, so Sam, Laurence and I went to buy Sam some new shoes...and Laurence some work pants.  

(will finish this tomorrow)

Scenes from our day....

A Halloween themed version of 'Go Fish' - Go Batty :)  

Bedtime story last night was 'Pigs'!!  by Robert Munsch.

Our new home :)

Yesterday we spent time at the new place....I LOVE the back yard sooooo much :)  
It was snowing a fair bit and just so pretty :)  

Lots of trees and a hummingbird feeder, so I can still feed my hummingbirds:

The last people had a 'thing' about checking the temperature haha:

Deck and gazebo - space for a hot tub lol:

This bench in the corner has flower boxes all round the edge:

The pond and waterfall - shed to the left and firepit to the right.  I have cattails in my yard :)  

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