Jun. 15, 2012

images from the last few days...

This is sooooo me hahaha.  Still sat up making art or Instagramming at 2am :)  

Abigail finally sued one of her craft kits she got for Christmas:

Playing with new apps:

Sam made this as a get well gift for me:

I bought these for the kids - I used to buy them at the sweet shop near my house when I was little, and used to lick them instead of use them as drinks - the kids had fun licking them and feeling them fizz on their tongues - and then watched them in bottles of water as they sink and rise up:

More app fun:

Sam always says 'The powder ones are MINE' :)

Pretty lake on the way to Katies Crossing last night:

:)  Love him so much - such a sweetie:

My firstborn at UBC:

My friend Rachel sent me the directions to make catapults that she had made with the cub scouts.  Here is Sam with his:

Inner Excavation

I am currently taking part in a 7 week online class called 'Inner Excavate-along' 
It is a guided tour through the book 'Inner Excavation' by Liz Lamoreux 

I have a signed copy I bought when it was first published - it's such a beautiful book! I have never worked through it properly though - just enjoyed reading it, so this is a wonderful excuse - and great motivation, to finally do the exercises in the book!  

This week we are working through Chapter 1 with the theme of 'begin'.  Each page has a new way to be creative on the subject.  Taking photographs of your day. word lists to inspire writing, poetry, mixed media etc etc.

We had to take a book (any book) and turn to a page and then loo for words that 'grab us' and put them into a list to turn to when writing poetry - an inspiration list.  I used one of my Sark books:

I used to love to write poetry, but haven't done so for YEARS - so I am enjoying this aspect of the class.  This is a free class and you don't HAVE to have the book but it helps.
Come and join us!  Many of us are on Instagram and are tagging our pictures #innerexcavatealong 

Images from Thursday...

Ki messaged me yesterday and asked if we wanted to meet her and her girls at Katies Crossing.  We had planned to go to the farmers market or something, but didn't have much we HAD to do, so we headed straight up to meet them.  There was one other family there at the time - who luckily left before our conversation turned hilarious :)  

I loved that it went quiet and then Ki said 'So Laurence when are you going to ask Presley out'  (Presley was sat right there)  :)  

After supper Ki went for a walk but we had to head into town.  Laurence went to hand his resume in where his friend works, and then we went to the mall to get Laurences new phone.  His contract ran out on Monday, and he wanted to buy a new one.  He got a new HTC or something or other and is VERY happy with it - he is paying for it all himself now - although he got the phone for free :)  

I was up to see the sunrise yesterday at 4:30am:

And outside to see the sun set too:

All in all another fabulous day.  So glad to feel better and get outside to enjoy the sunshine :)

Splashpark fun!!!

Yesterday was our first visit to the splashpark of 2012.  It was a lovely day.  22c and sunny, so we threw some towels in a bag and headed to Jackie Parker.  Sam took his new water gun and had a blast in the water :)  

Abigail didn't go in the water much, but she found a group of girls to play with and they were having a wonderful time at the playground - doing cartwheels and playing Mom and Dad type games :)  

I sat and wrote some lists for Summer planning and did some work on my current online class:

I wandered down to the lake to take some pictures and see the geese

I was sick yesterday with Abigails bug so I was feeling tired and a bit weak, but it was nice to sit in the sunshine while the children were happily playing.  They didn't want to leave.

I'm loving Summer so far.  Only June and I feel like we are making the most of the good weather already  :)

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