Apr. 30, 2012

Our Monday...

Up and out fairly early for us - after Abigail had spent a while on the computer skyping with her friend Delia in Minnesota.  Abigail has decided I should marry Delia's Dad, that we should all move to Minnesota and they can be Sisters and best friends and ride horses together all day!  
Sounds simple enough!!  Except Delia's Dad is still married to Delia's Mom!!  
Hahahaha :)  
Susannah still wasn't feeling good today so she stayed home and rested all day.  I bought her lots of healthy foods and ingredients for smoothies - and also a vitamin and mineral supplement for women with extra iron in it as she has been feeling washed out :(

All four llamas were right by our driveway in the field today but as soon as the car got close, they spread out and I couldn't get a decent picture of all of them - so here is just one of them for ya!  Nasty creatures!!  And they even look so stupid!  Must be the small heads...I don't know - small heads make people/ animals look stupid - don't you think???  lol!

We headed off to meet some friends of ours today at Kidz Quarterz in town.  We were the very first people to arrive there so Abby and Sam were thrilled to go crazy in the place with no one else there!  And I snapped a few pictures!  We were there for about 3 1/2 hours and then we headed off to the library.

We had a heavy bag of books to return to the library today.  We also signed Abigail up for a workshop this week which sounded interesting.  I found a poster advertising the volunteer experience Susannah had been looking for this Summer, and I also went through the local paper and some other magazines in there and filled my diary up with some events and activities for the next few weeks!

Still REALLY love the new library and community centre:

Abby returning the books to the library:

Laurence came and met us at the library after school and then we headed to his work place to pick up his pay cheque.  Then grocery shopping for some supplies we needed and filled up with gas with our Safeway coupon - then home:

We passed a train on the highway so I snapped a couple of pictures:

It was another day of mixed skies and a few dark clouds mixed in - but they 
make for some gorgeous photographs:

Dinner was pasta and a spinach salad.  The kids continued with their Greys Anatomy marathon - day 4 I think!!!  Hahahaha!  I soaked in the bath for a while.  My appendix has been grumbling all day - in fact the last few weeks have been bad....and today it was really bad.  Even Advil didn't help tonight - so I soaked in the bath to see if that helped - no - so I'm sitting still in bed, because if I don't move it doesn't hurt!  

I'm teaching tomorrow night - week three of my evening art journal class.  Fun fun fun!  :)  

Tomorrow morning we are meeting friends for brunch.

In the afternoon - not sure what we will do - maybe we will wait and see what the weather is like!  It is supposed to rain all day!  Maybe go to Scholars Choice - as Education Station didn't have what I wanted - hhmmmm that's an idea!  I want a world map - not too big - that Abby can put pins in - showing the places where she has friends on Minecraft/ skype etc - and then I want her to learn a bit about each place.  We might join a postcard swap online too and add pins to the places where the postcards come from.  


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