Feb. 9, 2013


We went to pick up Susannahs new glasses that were in a week early.  Yay she can see again:

Abigail tried on some more glasses while we waited.  So did I but I'm not adding that photo as I look like a granny in them hahaha:

Then we headed to Broadmoor Lake to enjoy the gorgeous above freezing weather with Rosie.  The lake was finally open for skating, so the kids went on for a bit:

When we got home I baked some chocolate cupcakes and decorated them.  I added a touch of coffee and coconut extract to bring out the chocolatey flavour: 

Good luck Laurence!!

This is the incredible dessert that Laurence has been practicing constantly for the last couple of weeks - and today is the big day - he is in a competition at NAIT for the Canadian Culinary Federation.  His team have to make a set menu of soup. entree and dessert, and Laurence is doing the dessert.

He won't find out the results for a few weeks but I hope his day is going wonderfully and that he knocks those judges socks off :)  

Now if only he made things like this for me at home ;)  

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