Jun. 20, 2012

Snapshots from Tuesday...

Today we headed to the library for the last homeschool club get together before Summer.  Firstly we returned all of the library books (the kids enjoy doing this via the electronic machine), and then they had great fun playing with all the games and activities with their friends.  sadly it was too wet outside for the park visit and picnic that was planned.

Laurence had an exam this afternoon, and then walked to the library to meet us.

In the evening the youngest two went to their Dads for the evening, and I took Laurence and Susannah to SEC for some summer clothing.  Then we stopped off at Toys R Us to get a small pool and slip and slide for the front yard.  I was hoping to get a full sized pool this Summer, but as we will be moving at the end of Summer, there seemed no point - and the children are thrilled with what I chose :)  

Shopping at TRU was a lot of fun:

Sam played me some tunes on the guitar, and Rosie enjoyed listening too:

When the youngest two got home tonight, Sam asked Laurence for a hug and told him he is his favourite brother.  It melted my heart :)  So love when the children are loving to each other :)

Scenes from our Monday

Laurence has finished school for the Summer now, except for exams, and so yesterday I got him to join us for a walk with Rosie at the dog park - to get some fresh air and exercise!!  It was a lovely sunny day - we headed to Jackie Parker and had a lovely stroll through very overgrown wooded trails - then headed to the playground for a while.  

Sam and Abby had an ice cream from the ice cream truck before we headed home again:

In the evening it rained a little and the rainbow ended at our neighbours home:

The little showers didn't stop us from enjoying a lovely fire in the yard though.  We are so loving having a fire bowl again and enjoying our summer evenings outside together:

Laurence trying to hide his face unsuccessfully lol as he didn't want his picture taken:

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