Aug. 22, 2012

My Swans...

A girl I chat with on Instagram had asked me to share some pictures of my swan collection.  I finally got around to taking a few today.  I have been collecting Swans for about 18 months - it started with one little swan that my Mom gave me - it had been my Grandparents.  

Swans are one of few animals that often mate for life.  They find a partner and stay with that partner until they die - and often if their mate dies, they will pine away.  

I decided to collect Swans because it gives me something to hunt for when I'm in Antiques fairs or thrift stores....but I had a few rules for myself!!  I would not spend more than $10 on a swan.  Most of my swans are around $3 each.  I would buy them all myself - and enjoy the hunt for them.  This isn't the kind of collection where I want swans as gifts or for people to find them FOR me.

 I would ONLY buy single swans - no pairs or sets or anything that comes with two.  Single swans ONLY....until I am in a serious committed relationship.

Of course right now I'm not interested in a relationship lol - and don't see me wanting one for a long time....BUT if the time comes when I meet someone I want to be with, THEN I will complete my collection with a PAIR of swans :)  

I think I have over 30 now.....I don't go out of my way to collect them, but once you start noticing them, you realize that swans are EVERYWHERE - all colours and sizes!!  

My girly....

Life with teens...

Laurence worked until 8:30 tonight, and so I met him in Second Cup. We sat and chatted and he told me about his shift and his afternoon at the twins house.  

Luckily I have been busy this week so it hasn't been as bad as I expected with my youngest three not here - I think if I was just at home it would feel horrible, but I am so rarely there now and always seem to have so much to do!  Still, its nice to get texts from Susannah while she is at camp.  Last night she sent me this to tell me about how much fun she is having with friends from her cabin:

And tonight she sent me a LONG text about pranking the boys and then the boys pranking them back and how they are planning on stealing and hiding all the boys shoes tonight!  She is having soooo much fun :)  

The Cock Whisperer :)

Today I headed to the Fringe Festival again, to see a performance called
 'The Cock Whisperer - A Love Story'.

I dragged my friend Cori with me - although I think she forgave me when she got to see the half naked Asian guy with whips lol!!  

We were given this note while in the line up, and so we knew it was going to be a fun 
performance to watch!!  And it was!!!  It was funny, emotional, sad, happy...but most of all REAL :)  

I could relate to so much that she said.  

Very interesting and fun show!!!

If you want to see something at the fringe then I'd definitely recommend this!!

I even bought a badge at the end:

After the play, we got some Lemonade and strolled round watching a few bits of performances here and there...then we decided to go and see a Psychic!!!  Have our fortunes told :)  

Like Cori - although I didn't hear anything I didn't already know, it was very much what I needed to hear.  

It was so hot out today:   32c but feeling like 35c.  We decided to get out of the heat for a while, so we went to Fuss Cupcakes for a coffee and cupcake each:

Thanks Cori for a lovely afternoon - so good to catch up with you!!

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