Mar. 23, 2012

More funnies that make me laugh :)

Sam was really in an artsy mood this afternoon....

So while I was prepping for a class, he sat beside me and worked on a canvas :)

Prepping for next weeks class...

Today was our 'freestyle art class' - when we open up the art studio and everyone has free reign to try out all the art products and literally go CRAZY for two hours...I set up a few tables with art and craft ideas...have a few projects 'ready to go'....but otherwise students are free to create anything they like!!  I am on hand to answer questions, give ideas, help, advise....but they can also just relax and enjoy the two hours doing whatever they like!!

It's a really fun class, everyone gets involved and people of all ages sign up to join in :)  I LOVE that our classes are not just for children!!

After the class, and after lunch, I tidied up the art room and then continued with art and prepped for next weeks class - making a Springtime wreath using egg boxes - we have like a thousand egg boxes to use up and I wanted a Springtime theme!!  I think it worked well  - it's quite fiddly so I will prep part of it for young children.

One of the Moms that comes to the classes brought me a gift today - she remembered that I use my laptop as a table when I'm painting in bed....and so she gave me a lap table :)  It folds up to go beside my bed :)  It was soooo sweet of her :)  So nice of her to remember :)  

I really do have the most wonderful students and families coming to my classes :)  I really do hope I can keep my classes going because I LOVE this job sooooo much!!

I'm so sad that I may have to give it up just because of these few difficult months :(  Especially when I see how much Sam and Abigail get from it too - from having so many people around - from seeing how to run a business, to teach people, to be around art...learning about taxes, and cost cutting and customer service...

I am sad that all their hard work - as well as my own has gone to waste for absolutely no reason but for a stupid selfish, bitter man.  

Spring snow storm...

We have been living in Narnia for the last two days...beautiful big fluffy snowflakes falling softly...and when Susannah and I were driving back from Esso last night a herd of deer walked across the road in front of us - that is twice in just a few weeks :)  

They were gorgeous, and in no hurry, but the light was bad and so were the roads, so I couldn't get any good pictures :(  

It was lovely though :)  

Saw these and they made me smile :)

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