Jul. 1, 2012

Natural beauty

Peonies in the rain.

Canada Day 2012.....

One cold, wet unhappy puppy:

Our Saturday

Susannah started working at the library today - helping/ volunteering with the childrens summer reading game.  She was nervous but excited :)

We picked her friend Shania up and while Susannah worked, Abby and Sam played the Summer reading game, played on the wii and computers and looked at books.  Shania and I read, art journaled and chatted over a drink from the coffee bar.

I loved the rainbow effect they had created with books in the entrance way:

It was double-dice day today so they got to throw two dice.  Abigail won a free book already!!  They were also given pencils for signing up!

Two pages I created in my art journal while waiting:

After the library we headed to Whyte Ave for a while to enjoy the summer day.  We took Shania to Fuss Cupcakes and each had a cupcake and drink.  While there I sent Matty B a text to say Fuss Cupcakes had Now Radio blasting out - he told me to have a Red velvet cupcake - which I had!!  He read it out on air and then read my reply about their Canada Day cupcakes :)  

Abigail had a latte like me - she was thrilled with the design on the top of the foam and loved it - their latte's are totally the best EVER :)  

Abby tried a new cupcake today - it was Minty Chocolate:  

I had one of their Canada Day special cupcakes - Red Velvet and Vanilla marble cupcake with a light maple buttercream on top!!

We got Abigail a couple of swimsuits ready for camp, and then popped in to Coney Island Candy Store for some treats each.  I loved the idea of these slippers lol:

Stopped off at Superstore for some groceries:

Sam picked me some more Daisies today so I put them in my little green jug on the window sill:

Tonight we waited until 9pm when it was cooler, and then went outside for a fire in the firepit until dark.  It was a lot of fun.  I think it is Sams most favourite thing EVER to do - he talks about it afterwards telling me how much fun it is to have fires outside...he really does love it so much:

After dark we had some sparklers to celebrate the arrival of Canada Day - as Sam and Abby won't be with me tomorrow night for the fireworks and sparklers:

I loved this picture of Abigail on her ipod by the fire outside:

So, that was our Saturday.  I hope yours was equally as wonderful!!


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