Apr. 24, 2012

Sam :)

Sam told me today that he loves this house so much that he thinks he is going to live in it forever.  That when he is big he is going to live in it and spend $10,000 or $50,000 on it and make it all lovely.  He sat and talked about the house and what he loves about all the rooms and everything for a long time.

He just about melted my heart :)

pictures that grabbed my attention this week :)

Love this so much :)

brave girls club - daily truth


It started to rain last night as we headed into town to get Laurence from work...
The skies were amazing just before the rain - and I love driving in the rain - although maybe not in quite a storm like we had the night Nigel and I went out for dinner with friends last year - wow I've never experienced rain quite like THAT before!!  I don't think Nigel had either - with trucks just stopping in the middle of the highway and under bridges and us not being able to see them through the rain!!  It was so dangerous!  So glad we kept going though as it was sunny and light downtown!  

Last nights rain wasn't like that :)

Sick days.....

Sam and Abby have been sick the last couple of days - stomach pains, fatigue and Sam was vomiting yesterday.  They are much better today - just tired...but we have had a quite couple of days - and I have been fighting a migraine from the change in the weather.  It has meant a lot of naps, watching movies in bed, playing Lego on bed and Abby did some art journaling - I showed her how to use the new pastels that I got last week.

Hopefully we will be back to normal tomorrow.
Rosie has loved having us at home with her though :)

I still have my classes to teach - tonight I have my teen art journaling class and tomorrow is my LAST childrens art journaling class of this course!  Wow time has flown!  

so true xx

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