Oct. 27, 2012


Abigail got a couple of cross stitch kits from the Reuse Centre yesterday, and this morning she started to use one of the kits.  To practice the stitching she made Sam a bookmark with his name on it:

We headed into town to Michaels, the craft store,  to get some raffia for Susannahs scarecrow costume. It was still snowing lightly...

Then a visit to the library to pick up a couple of dvd's While there Abigail helped me search for a few things and Sam played on the computer:

On the way home we stopped off at T's house for some boxes she had saved for me, and we got to see the pot bellied piglets - they are just one day old :)  Soooo teeny tiny and cute!!

The goats are very photogenic but scare me lol!

Home again and time to get Susannah's costume ready for her Halloween dance at the school.  Her friends and her are characters from The Wizard of Oz :)  

We picked Cassie up and I drove them to the dance, then headed in to town to meet Gary.  Then Laurence and I headed to one of the Halloween stores in town - we have FOUR in Sherwood Park now:

I stopped at the Macs near our new house for a coffee, then drove back to the school and waited about 15 minutes for the dance to end...Cassie is spending the night here....it's nice to see her and Susie catching up :)  

That was my Friday....hope yours was a good one :)  

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