Dec. 14, 2012

PLaying with Washi Tape and Inks :)

Tis the Season....

Friday Fill-ins :) we go!

1. Oh, my December is going fast! 
2. I need my hair cut sooner, rather than later!
3. Buy one, and you'll soon be addicted to dylusions like me. 
4. I always think positively! 
5. Soon, I'm going to find the time and space to create. 
6. Do you always wish on shooting stars?  I do :)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to getting the supplies for the gingerbread houses, tomorrow my plans include Christmas market, sleigh ride, and Maisies Christmas House and Sunday, I want to go to the Prairie Gardens Christmas Festival to use our card for free admission for the last time!  Then have a big roast dinner as an early Christmas dinner :)  

Sledding fun this afternoon :)

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