Jul. 15, 2012


Sigh...this makes me want to have clothes-ripping, face hurting, steamy, hot sex...

My favourite lines from the lyrics (haha yes I know it's most of the song lol):

 "Imma be the calm in the storm you’re looking for 
I’ll be the shipwreck that takes you down 
I don’t mind if you lie in my bed 
We can stay here forever now."

"Give up the fight 
I’m in control 
Why don’t you let it go.
Yeah, I wanna know you inside out 
I’ll spend my life trying to figure out 
Just close your eyes and shut your mouth 
And let me kiss you inside out."

"I don’t care if you steal all my air
we can breath in together as one
it’s all right if you’re here every night
waking up with you in the sun
we start with an hour and we find we waste the day
kicking back with the love we found.
I don’t mind if you lie in my bed
we can stay here forever now"

Snapshots from the last week :)

Yummy Summer fruits:

Coffee on the porch:

Abby with a kitten at camp:

Susannah chillaxing on the deck:

Definitely summer dress weather:

Late night snack of strawberries:

Early morning on the porch - my poor sleepy boy:

At the festival downtown:

Omg my Daughter is so beautiful.  Such a teen though with her boy bands 
and boy issues hahaha and then still loving Spongebob :)

My sweet sweet Sons little hand on mine:

Waiting for Susannah to finish work at the library:

Unable to sleep one night and having strawberries and chamomile tea at 4am:

Fun with the summer library game:

This licence plate made Laurence and I laugh out loud:

Sharon - yours can be Sherry :)  

My Alberta :) So beautiful in every season :)

All ready to go:

On Wednesday we took the truck in to the dealership to get it serviced and all ready 
for our road trip!  The staff there are amazing and I always get a discount for something or other - and I have to admit that one of the guys who works there is SUPER CUTE!!!  Soooo friendly and chatty too!  Phwoooaaaaar :)  

Someone had been in to try and sell the staff something or other, so there was a big buffet there and we were told to help ourselves.  Of course the kids did :)  I wasn't feeling well at all but with a walk up to the stores and then sitting and watching cartoons and chatting, three hours flew by!  I introduced Laurence to 'Texts from Dog' which he had never heard of before.  Omg he sat there reading one after the other and almost died laughing.

In the end the staff told me how amazingly behaved my kids are :)  
Very true - they were sooooo good there :)  Love them so much!  

I love Park Mazda in Sherwood Park.  I am soooo glad I started going there - they know me now and I love the way they talk to me and explain things to me - not like I'm stupid or down to me - but I told them flat out when I started going there that I know nothing about cars or what you have to do to them or when - and they were just amazing and still are!  They made everything SO easy!  They give me free oil changes and filters and this time they fitted bulbs free of charge as I had several that were out.  

This little one was sitting in the shade right by the side of the road. 
It ran off but then on the way back to the garage, we saw it had come back to the same shady spot.  Hope it was safe so close to the road:

Severe Thunderstorm hits Edmonton.

Click HERE for more on the big storm last week.

Last Thursday morning - in the very early hours, we all had to head down to the basement.  We had had a thunderstorm going on for hours with just CONSTANT flashing - and that was bad enough, but it just got worse and worse - and then my window started making the same sound as one of those party blowers - like a high pitched very loud screech...and the wind wasn't in gusts - it was CONSTANT - and I've never heard anything like it. 

People were posting about it all over FB but when the window started screaming I sent Laurence and text and he came up - one sound of the window and he agreed that we had to get to the basement NOW!!

We grabbed the children and headed to the basement.  Poor Susie had been terrified - and Abby was sooo scared too :(  Laurence was fabulous - he put on a movie for the kids and we all sat in his basement bedroom - it then started hailing and oh my gawd!!  It was soooo LOUD!!!  

Well my friend Arie posted this picture below, and if you can see the VERY dark red almost burgundy/ brown part - well, that is where I live!!!  And Arie is my neighbour/ friend - and when Canadians are as scared as you, you KNOW you aren't being silly about it!  

I'm actually shocked it wasn't a tornado - even if not at my house then close by - because the noise and the pressure on the house was unreal.

Laurence got some great pictures of lightning - and he also videoed the sound of the hail - you can watch his video clip on his FB page.

Rosie was down in the basement with us:

My poor scared little girl.  I was sitting in between Abby and Sam in the bed:

Lightning - the sky was actually this colour:

Unfortunately the storm was so severe that it left me very ill - a migraine started on the Wednesday during the day and stayed with me until Saturday morning.  It was very much like the migraine I got in Florida when the tornadoes went by.  I couldn't walk, talk, do anything and just slept until I stopped throwing up and the pain went on Saturday.  

Severe storms really do a number on me :(  

So grateful to my children - especially Susannah and Laurence for helping so much with everything while I was sick xxx   I am so fortunate to have such amazing kids.  Love them so much!!

Fun at the Legislature Wading Pools

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