Apr. 4, 2012

Hump day!!

I started a new art journaling class today for children - this series is called 'Bring on the colour' and is aimed at adding some colour to our loves after a winter of brown and white for the most part...It was an interesting class, mainly for the fact that, it consisted of ALL boys!!  Now, I've had boys in my classes before, but they have always been the minority!  So I was surprised to have a class JUST of boys!!  Abigail voted to stay out of this class, but one of the Moms decided to join in and do her own journal along with us, and it ended up being a lovely class!  We started by taking a picture of each student for their page...and then they worked on surrounding that picture with embellishments, paints, pictures, designs etc in their favourite colour...I tried to get them to attempt new techniques with the paints and inks and they each got to use the heat gun,  Before the end they each made a start on the cover of their journal.

I always love seeing how different each page and each journal looks!

I can't wait to see how the journals transform over the next four weeks!

After class, we had some lunch, and then packed up and headed into town.  First stop was the library!  Sam and Abby worked really hard (Sam especially) and read 5 books through Spring Break, so they got a coupon for a FREE small pizza of their choice from Panago :)

They are so proud!!!

Then off to Broadmoor Lake to meet up with the local homeschoolers for the weekly park day - a day early to beat the weather - as they forecast a snowstorm tomorrow!  The kids had a great time....we had a nice turn out of friends and everyone had a great time.

Laurence showed up at around 2:30 as it was early-out.   He had a job interview this afternoon.  He sat and chatted with us all for a while and then we drove Sam and Abby home to Susannah, before heading in to town for his job interview...he did great at the interview and starts the job next week :)

On the way home we stopped in at Walmart to pick up all the treats and supplies we will need for this weekend just in case the weather is really bad.  We are all set for Easter now :)

Tonight we had fish for supper and the children chose sweet potato fries and mixed vegetables - I am not keen on sweet potato fries but they wanted them.

Tonight I did some Easter crafts with Abby - using inks to do some thumb and finger prints and turn them in to Easter chick etc....then I did reading with Sam and watched Finding Nemo cuddled up with Sam.  The girls played so nicely in Susannah's room, all giggling and chatting together :)  Abby did bake cookies this evening, which made everyone happy :)  Chocolate chip cookies MMmmmmmm :)

It has been a lovely day.

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