Oct. 16, 2012

My Tuesday....

We overslept this morning.....or rather Abby and Sam did!  They didn't want to get out of bed!!!  They DID however want to go to gymnastics though, so we finally got going and made it there for most of the session!  As always they had a GREAT time and I got to spend time with my crazy friends too....crazy AWESOME friends I might add - I mean not many people have friends as great as mine - they brought me coffee in a travel mug AND coupons for money off coffee from my favourite coffee place!!  Which I am going to use tomorrow by the way!!!  :)  

Abigail kept trying until she managed to do a cartwheel on the beam!!  I caught it on video too!!  Her friend Miss G also managed it too - they were so proud of themselves :)  

We were supposed to go to homeschool club this afternoon at the library, but after gymnastics Sam was quite upset by a bad headache.  He said he might feel better if he ate and asked if he could have chinese from the mall.  It worked out well as I had to get pants for Abby for horseriding, and rubber boots for me.  They had a really good sale on at Please Mom, so I got Sam some pants too...so happy to get some for Abby as she has real issues with finding pants she will wear because of tactile issues and ocd's , but we got about 5 pairs today :)  It's getting too cold for her to wear skirts and capris now and those are the only things she has been happy to wear lately.

Tonight sam went to Lloyds house for the evening, and I took everyone else to Brits, so we could introduce Kevin to British fish and chips :)  He seemed to really enjoy them!  So he has been able to experience our British culture AND Canadian culture while staying here :)  

Abigail wanted to try a deep fried Mars bar, but she wasn't too impressed.  Kevin couldn't believe they even make them - he thought the idea was crazy!  Hahaha!!

We stopped off at the grocery store and then headed home....Abigail and Kevin played Uno and then then all of us except Laurence played a few rounds of Spot It which was fun :)  
Laurence headed to bed and then so did I - leaving the others down stairs playing on the computer.
Sam came home and we read a Winnie The Pooh story before he went to sleep...another day is over..and now I am sitting here listening to the wind blowing outside and wondering what tomorrow will bring...

A few more snapshots from the last few days....

Learning about nodding donkeys and oil rigs at Crossiron Mills Mall:

Face painting at Bass Pro store:

Cuddle with our neighbours kitty:

Doodling last night:

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