Jul. 4, 2012

Art classes

Yesterdays art class was a lot of fun. What I love most about these sessions is that I never know WHAT projects will be created!  I set up a few tables with activities to inspire - but everyone is free to create whatever they like!!

Yesterday one student was fascinated by maps - so he worked with some old maps in his art journal - and then we created a pirate treasure map - using matches to burn the edges...and an ink to stain the paper and make it look old - then they got to draw on the island complete with shark bay, haunted forest, volcano and whatever else they felt their map needed - and the directions to the TREASURE!!!  We rolled them up like scrolls and tied them with coloured raffia :)  

Another special moment was when B ( a little girl) had just washed her hands - they were still a little damp and she then dipped them in the bowl of sequins - out came beautifully sparkly hands :)  hahaha :)  

Snapshots from the last couple of days...

Rosie late last night - I was drinking my tea and listening to the wind and rain outside.  Everyone was asleep and I was enjoying the peace :)

Pennants at the Legislature to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee:

Yesterday afternoon - coffee and sitting by the window watching the rain and listening to the thunderstorm outside:

Sam and I worked together to make a plane out of sticks and tape - it ended up being really good:

Sammy at the Legislature Grounds:

Sam worked in his art journal before bed last night - he drew a face by using a small mirror and copying what he saw - I think he did amazingly - the way he did the eyes is so good for a 7 year old!  

At the Legislature:

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