Mar. 22, 2012

Hedley - LIVE :)

Last night we went to see Hedley at Rexall Place.  We got the tickets last Fall when they went on sale, and when we got them it seemed like the concert was sooooo far away, hard to believe it came round so fast!  But it did and it was fab!!  

I had heard they weren't too great live, so either they have matured a lot or just improved a great deal, because I was really impressed!  They were also really friendly and informal and Jacob even threw himself out into the crowds and they also fired tons of t-shirts into the crowd :)  

I was really pleased with our seats despite them being cheap - although please excise my iphone pictures which make it look like we were miles away lol :)  

Such a great night and more memories made with Laurence and Susannah :)  

Thanks so much to Presley for babysitting Abby and Sam - they had a fun evening :)  
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