Dec. 10, 2012

Epicure delivery :)

A few months ago I entered a contest on Facebook that was connected to the tv show Survivor.  There was a prize for the person who stayed in the show the longest, and also a prize for the 'fan favourite'.  I was so lucky and ended up winning BOTH the series AND the fan favourite!!  My prize was $215. worth of Epicure goods!!!

Today my goodies arrived, and it was as if Christmas had come early :)  
I chose three pans with lids - and these pans are AMAZING!!!  So heavy and you can tell they are great quality :)  

I also chose the 'Chipster' which turns thin slices of potato, apple or sweet potato etc into chips/ crisps :)  You lay them on the sheet and then microwave and ta-da!!!  :)  

I also ordered some seasonings which can be used for dips and other recipes :)  So yummy!!  :)  

Thank you so much Melanie - I love it all :)  

Christmas snapshots at County Hall...

Monday snapshots....

My latest addiction. 
 Stupidstores Greek yogurt with a side portion of either honey or Fig.  I think I prefer the fig ones, but the honey is yummy too!

Tea in bed at 2am:

Laurence getting some work done:


My view while I waited for Susannah's bis today:

His favourite bagel and garlic and herb cream cheese while we waited for 
Abigails French class to finish:

Rosies new sleeping place at night:

Abigails flowerpot snowman :)  

0c today and this evenings walk with Rosie was so lovely.  Abigail came with me and it was a lovely hour together, walking and chatting :)  

Sam watching his cartoons.  He especially loves Lego Ninjago!

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