Nov. 7, 2012

For today....

Outside my is very light and bright despite the late hour - the street lights and the snow reflected in the low cloud make it almost like daylight!  So different to acreage/ rural living.....I kind of like it though...although I also miss the stars and amazing skies.....and pure darkness...

I am nice it was to spend an evening pottering about - getting my craft room sorted and then starting on my winter journal :)  The kitchen is so small compared to my old one that it takes just a couple of minutes to straighten up

I am hearing...Laurence in the kitchen downstairs making a cup of tea :) Susannah in the sitting room watching tv....the strange clicking noise that happens when the sink downstairs is used...

I am thankful...for a snow was perfect timing and exactly what we needed :)  

In the kitchen...Abigail baked oatmeal muffins for breakfast today, and I made potato and bacon soup in the crockpot - which we had with buns for supper - and it was AMAZING!!!  Abigail says it's her favourite supper - we all had several bowls full and we have some to heat up for lunch tomorrow too :)  Then supper tomorrow night is sweet and sour meatballs with rice :)  

I am nighty - I'm in bed waiting for melatonin to kick in!

I am creating...a home :)  A winter journal :)   a future :)

I am have to get organized and prep for tomorrow nights group - it's my week to run it!!

I am long it will take the birds to notice the bird feeders I put out this morning...

I am hoping...I find my diary tomorrow - I need it and can't seem to find it in any of the boxes we go through :(

I am looking forward to...having all the unpacking done!  There isn't much left really but it will be good to have the garage empty so we can park in it!!

I am overwhelming the old house was - the size and upkeep and age of it was just too much...and how much easier my life already is since moving :)

Around the house...we are turning the house into a home - something I LOVE to do...and it was so nice yesterday when Susannah commented on how nice it was looking and what a great job I have done of making it homely :)  

I am pondering...what to do about my classes - I've had so many people ask me about teaching and whether I am still having classes...I do love teaching....just not sure whether to....

One of my favorite things...being around the horses at the stables - hhmmm I want to learn to ride!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: swimming (for free too yay!!) going to homeschool group tomorrow night, having a friend visit us for coffee on Friday, then spending the afternoon at T's for 'Beauty 101 class'  lol!!!  Susannah has Cassie staying on Saturday.....not sure what plans we have for the weekend yet....NEED to find my diary!!!

Snow much fun....

My pretty, pretty home in the snow today  :)  

Rosie having soooo much fun in the snow - playing ball and running about:

Pretty snow - when I shovelled today I found that the snow had picked up some of the colour from the chalk drawings Sam and Abby did yesterday:

Random pics from the last few days...

Abby was finally able to remove her earrings and she wore dangly ones for a few hours as a treat :)

On Monday while Abigail was at French class, I used up a coupon and went to Lets Play:

Sam has been using our little magnetic drawing board soooo much over the last week:

On Saturday we went to get pizza and we were able to watch Laurence at work - he is soooo good at the slap table or whatever it is called - making the dough and flinging it around then getting it to the right size on the tray.  We got pizza for everyone who helped us move - I have some AMAZING friends who I am soooo utterly grateful for :)  They were incredible at the weekend and I really am so fortunate to have them :)  Even the children kept saying 'you have some really GREAT friends' :)  

Moving house....

Moving house was a bit stressful and overwhelming but it's already been 4 days and it is starting to become a distant memory thank goodness :)  No tears were shed - at least by me anyway...which surprised me...but I think by the end I was sooooo tired by the old house and trying to cope with it all, that this is just a huge weight off my shoulders...

Susannah was very upset about leaving - especially seeing the house empty...but she loves the new place too - we all do!  The size is ideal - the layout is great. We LOVE the yard with its deck, gazebo, pond, waterfall and fire pit....Abigail is loving the sidewalks and neighbourhood for her dog walking...and Sam really loves being able to play outside safely.  Being so close to everything in town is a HUGE bonus - especially in this bad weather.  Everything is just a few minutes away :)

My favourite thing is the HUGE two person jacuzzi tub in my ensuite:

We are all quickly settling in:

Fire pit, pond and waterfall:

Snow day....

Yesterday I went out in a tshirt to the mall and the kids were drawing with chalks on the sidewalk we have a snow day - with endless snow and high winds, soooo many accidents and even major roads being closed because of the danger.  

Susannah didn't go to school, and Laurence only went for the morning.  Crazy!  :)  

Our road in the snow:

Early this morning - soon after the snow started:

Snow building up on the window:

So pretty:

Rosie loves it:

Enjoying coffee while watching the snow fall:

Let me in:

Christmas store visit...

Last night Susannah and I strolled around the Christmas store at Greenland Garden centre.  So lovely - and one of our traditions - but this year I didn't see anything that really 'grabbed' me...and didn't buy anything but some bird seed.  It was still a lovely way to pass time :)

Art from recent days....

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