Nov. 7, 2012

Moving house....

Moving house was a bit stressful and overwhelming but it's already been 4 days and it is starting to become a distant memory thank goodness :)  No tears were shed - at least by me anyway...which surprised me...but I think by the end I was sooooo tired by the old house and trying to cope with it all, that this is just a huge weight off my shoulders...

Susannah was very upset about leaving - especially seeing the house empty...but she loves the new place too - we all do!  The size is ideal - the layout is great. We LOVE the yard with its deck, gazebo, pond, waterfall and fire pit....Abigail is loving the sidewalks and neighbourhood for her dog walking...and Sam really loves being able to play outside safely.  Being so close to everything in town is a HUGE bonus - especially in this bad weather.  Everything is just a few minutes away :)

My favourite thing is the HUGE two person jacuzzi tub in my ensuite:

We are all quickly settling in:

Fire pit, pond and waterfall:

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