May 6, 2012

Our Sunday....

Sam enjoyed the good weather today...

Sam and Rosie played in the mud pile for AGES today.  I asked Sam to fill a big tub with the dirt for me - and he did that and then carried on playing!  They both ended up filthy dirty, but had great fun.  Rosie had to go in the pond afterwards to wash the mud off!!  Sam went in the shower instead :)

Sam helped me with some yard work too - but Rosie just dug in her hole:

Sam decided to get his bow out and practice some archery.  He is so good at this now,
really fabulous!  

29 Faces in May...

Started my Sunday with drawing in my art journal and finishing off some more faces for the challenge that I am taking part in.  Also had coffee in bed while I read my new Art magazine, and watched Effy Wild's Livestream video.

Just me.


After a quiet Saturday morning at home, we headed to Whyte Ave, where people were busy celebrating Cinco De Mayo - the Mexican celebration!!!  

After heading to Mars and Venus to get our Roller Derby tickets, we went to DQ for something to eat.  Unfortunately Sam noticed that his burger bun had GREEN MOLD on it - and so we returned it and as well as replacing his food, they also gave us free ice creams.  

Sam is still at the lovely age where he will smile for the camera:

Whereas Abigail just pulls faces:

As does

The 'mini' size Blizzard is JUST the right size - perfect!

We did a little shopping and then headed to the North West of Edmonton, to watch the Roller Derby.  Although we have been several times, this was Abigail and Sams first time - as we always go when they are at their dads.  
It wasn't a great idea for them really - I think the game was too long.  Abigail was having a BAD day with her Tourettes and mood swings (full moon tonight so maybe that didn't help) and Sam found it boring after the first half an hour.  There were tons of kids there tonight tonight - none of whom were interested in watching - it's definitely a teen upwards game/ sport!!  And a lot of them had those annoying cowbells/ noise makers which were driving us CRAZY!!!  
So - all in all it wasn't the best night at roller derby.  The game was good though and we will go again when the kids are at their Dads!  
It was a 'double header' tonight which means there were two games instead of just the one.  

After the roller derby we headed home and I was hoping to get Abby and Sam settled into bed so I could go out - but I don't think it was meant to be.

 I snapped pictures of the sunset on the way home:

And gave up on going out - and just flopped on the bed with Rosie - yes this is who I share my bed with every night:

This is my 'mirror wall' in my bedroom.  Mirrors that I have bought here and there and spray painted.  I love how they look all together:

And this is my other wall.  The basket is for bits and pieces/ paperwork/ clutter.  I have all my necklaces that I wear hanging from my pinboard.  I really like wearing different necklaces each day - I like that I can see them all clearly here and just pick which one I want each day:

Oh and yes I did do a face today...just haven't added the pictures yet - but I am still up to date with my 29 faces in May challenge :)  

So, Saturday is over and done with.  Several of our plans changed - as my horoscopes said they would all week - and wow have my plans this week ever been changed lol - every day I think!  

Tomorrow - not sure - have to pick Laurence up from town as he hasn't been home since Friday morning.  We might go to the Nature Centre as they have a special event on - or maybe the Body, Mind and Spirit show at Rexall.  Or maybe Elk Island Park if the weather is good.  

Hhhmmm I guess we shall see how we feel in the morning.



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