Sep. 22, 2012

Precious moments...

One of the reasons we went to the park yesterday, was to feed the wild birds there.  We took bags of food each and had an amazing time getting gentle little Chickadees to land on our hands to feed!  It was lovely watching the childrens faces and seeing the delight as one after the other, these tiny birds trusted them and landed to eat :)  I will never forget this experience :)  

Abigail sat on a log and started to whistle a song....and she had several birds at one time around her...and then a squirrel came down towards her - it was amazing and reminded us of Snow White and Enchanted :)  

A Walk in the Woods.....

Yesterday afternoon we went for a lovely walk at Whitemud Ravine.
It was such a gorgeous day and the walk was just lovely - so hard to believe you are in the middle of the city when you are in that park :)  You can hear the distant rumble of traffic on Whitemud Drive, but otherwise all you hear are the chirps of birds, squeaks of squirrels and the occasional runner jogging by :)  


I got a gift certificate for dennys in the mail this week, so offered to take Susannah and Laurence there on Friday night.  In the end Sam chose not to go to his dads last night, so he was with us too.  As we had all eaten late afternoon, we decided to go later in the evening.

We headed into town and when we got there we realized I had left my purse/ wallet at HOME!!!  Soooo we had to drive all the way home again to get it.  In the end we did about 80km lol!  For the second trip though, Laurence drove in his car - the first time he has driven me and Sam in it!!  Sam was soooo excited to be in his big brothers car :)  And I sat in the back with Sam as Susie loves having her big brother drive her too :)  

We had a nice meal - we played 'Spot It' and at the end Laurence went to see his friend who works there, and he picked up an application form in the hope of getting a job there :)

He really likes his current job as Pizza Chef and the people there, but he needs more money/ more shifts etc...preferably a job with tips on top of salary.  Now he has a car he realizes how fast money disappears!

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