Jun. 30, 2012

Looking through some old pics on FB today

Blah.......sometimes timing is CRAP :(

What do I see in you?
Your looks
Your laugh
Your kindness
Your parenting
Your passion
Your writing
Your honesty

What do I miss in you?

The way you look at me sometimes….
The way you hug me
Hugging you…
Making love to you
Kissing you
Morning coffees
Rickis brunch
Sam’s butt scratch
Abigail’s adorable smile
Susie’s warm & loving heart she got from you
Laurence’s big hair
Your Love……

You make me happier than I have been in years.
There is nothing I look forward to more, than the feeling of driving out to see you, or looking through my window at home, awaiting your arrival.
Of the feeling we share when we did family things together. Watching the children be “children” and laughing and enjoying them….together.
Yes, we disagree sometimes.
Yes, I don’t understand you sometimes.
Yes, I don’t know how to manage you wanting me, and then not….that’s really, really challenging. And, by far the biggest struggle for me. :o(
Yes, I over react.

But you DO NOT make me miserable. There is nothing compared to the feeling of being near you….spending time with you.

Snapshots from this evening :)

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