Jun. 2, 2012

Things that I have seen and liked on pinterest lately...

Pictures from tonights sunset :)

A few snapshots from my drive in to town tonight :)
Alberta is so beautiful and we are blessed with the most incredible sunsets almost daily throughout the year :)  

M is driving back from Vancouver Island today...  :)  

My Abby Banana...

My Abigail is sooooo beautiful!  She is always so photogenic and looks amazing in every hat she puts on her pretty little head :)  I am so proud of this girl of mine and the person she is becoming.  I watch in awe at times.  She is so amazingly independent and has such incredible confidence!  I am sure that much of that comes from being homeschooled.  I love the way she talks to adults and the way she confidently orders for herself and others when we are out - or the way she knows what she wants when she is at the library and has the staff running circles to find things for her!  I leave her to it - she often has a list of books she wants and will use the computers and staff to find them, order them or choose alternatives.  

I love hearing her chatting to people she knows online - she has friends dotted about the globe - many who are homeschooled, and she chats daily to them.  She is also so amazing on the computer and on Minecraft - the way she stands up for herself on there and tells people how stupid their rules are - in fact she got so fed up with them that she has now created her own server so SHE can make the rules and decide who stays and who goes :)  

I am so loving my days with this girl of mine - yes she is contrary, yes she struggles with her moods during the heat and when over tired, and yes you can REALLY tell when she hasn't taken her meds on time - but 95% of the time this girl is INCREDIBLE to be around - she makes me laugh with her quick wit and amazing sense of humour, she still loves cuddles regularly, and she loves so many of the things that I do.  I love her sense of style and her confidence to be herself from such a young age!

Abby you are definitely going to make a mark in this world of ours :)  

Love you so 


Snapshots from Saturday...

Much needed coffee this morning before heading up to the north of Edmonton to pick up a friend.

Art journaling - 

And a page I started this morning and haven't finished yet:

A message I found on the driveway today:

Playing with my colour splash app:

A visit to Whyte:

A picture Susannah posted on FB and I liked - I reposted it and it seems that many people can relate to these words.  

I cut the grass this afternoon and then Sam and I went for a walk.  Rosie came with us and went for a swim too:

Playing with photo editing apps:

Yummy latte on Whyte:

Monthly review - May.

What books and/or magazines did I read this month?    I have been reading an Art Journaling book from the library.  
What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?  I watched 'The Man Without A Face' last night.  I watched 'Back to the Future 2' and also 'The Wizard of Oz' with Sam.  Oh and on Wednesday I watched 'The Bridge to Terabithia' which was WONDERFUL!!
What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?  Where do I start???  Too many to list.  May was a completely FABULOUS month and I have so many memories of smiles and laughter.  A few that stand out are the funfair with Sam and Abby, Sitting on the deck at sunset with the three youngest - lanterns lit and cups of tea to hand - listening to Susannah play guitar and sing :)  Katies Crossing with Kaleigh and Ki...
What gifts did I give and/ or receive?   Mothers Day was more like 'Mothers Weekend' and I was completely spoiled and made to feel so incredibly loved.  The messages in the childrens cards were overwhelming.  The song Susannah wrote for me and sang with Laurence - so very touching and emotional :)  I felt very VERY lucky.  
As for giving gifts?  I gave quite a few...but I don't want to share that here.
What special or unusual purchases did I make?     I bought Dylusions for the first time and fell completely and utterly in love :)  They have transformed my art journaling.  I bought two ankle bracelets/ anklets - didn't think they were my kind of thing, but the two I got are soooo me and I just love them :)  Now I wear them every day :)  
What illnesses or health concerns did I have? I have been lucky to have been very healthy in May apart from a few migraines that were easily dealt with.  Too many people around me were not so lucky and I send healing thoughts to them - or to their loved ones xxx
What were my accomplishments this month?  I filled more than one and a half art journals.  I took part in the '29 Faces in May' challenge and stuck to it - managing to draw all 29 faces :)  I wrapped up my teen art journaling group.  Sad for it to end.  I restarted The Art House and have been overwhelmed by the support for it and for my passion!  I KNOW I'm doing the right thing :)
What were my disappointments this month?  I am sure there were several, but because I don't dwell on those things, I don't remember them either!
Anything else noteworthy to include?  May was a wonderful month with mainly gorgeous weather that made everyone feel so much better :)  Even the rainy days had perfect timing and were a joy to see!  I really have to say that when I think back on all we did and all the places we visited, we are incredibly lucky and blessed to have such a great life!  


I've been clearing my photo album on my phone, and slowly adding pictures to IG and FB.  I have edited some old pics too using new apps I'm trying out!  

Art journaling...

I am enjoying the project 365 app.  You pick one picture a day to build up your calendar and then you can write a few details in with the picture.  At the end of the month you have a great calendar of memories :)  My problem is that I take so many pictures each day - and we cram soooo much in to one day, that it is really difficult to pick just one picture.  

Poor little thing!!

I ran this poor little guy over with the lawn mower today.  I must have got the wheels over his legs or something because he couldn't walk :(  We got him into a jar and then into an empty barrel, and we put peanut butter and crackers in there for him.  We left him in peace for a few hours and when we checked on him he seemed fine - able to stand up and sit up again :)  We will let him go tomorrow - he lives over by the workshop :)  

Snapshots from my evening...

A few snapshots from when I was in town tonight:

Snapshots from Thursday

A few snapshots of Sam playing on the porch yesterday.  He had great fun with his cars and playing knights....it was lovely listening to him play.  He has such an amazing imagination and gives his cars characters and voices - and they all seem to fight one another and crash in to each other - in fact all his games seem to involve huge smashes :)  

Our day :)

Another GORGEOUS Summery day :)  I pottered about cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms and did some laundry, then I cut the grass for a while.  Then we spent the rest of the day on the deck, chatting, drawing, writing....taking pictures.  

Sam spent some time bug catching and then looking the bugs up in the Bug Book.  He also spent HOURS colouring in two BIG paint by numbers canvases :)  He was sooooo dedicated it was amazing!

Abigail skyped with her friend in the US and worked on building up her IG account and followers - which involved working on her photography skills, adding photo editing apps to her ipod and playing about with pictures - as well as working out which hashtags got her the most likes and followers!

I art journaled and did some photography.  I also got divebombed by a hummingbird - and took it as a sign that the feeders needed to go up!  I have just not got around to it before now - but they are at last up and ready for them!!  Another came back and divebombed at Abigail while she was sat on the deck too :)  Too funny :)  

Oh and the lady came to do the census, so the kids all came with me onto the porch to answer all the questions :)  

All in all another fabulous day :)  So hard to pick just ONE picture to go in my Project 365!!

Working at the table on the deck:

A quick trip to DQ's for mini blizzards :)  

My crazy girls are so much fun.  I love that they are so close.  In fact all my children seem really close:

Love my little Meg Ryan lookalike lol:

My addiction right now - yogurt and home made granola (a mix I created):

Sam found this butterfly and decided to 'rescue' it by putting it on a Dandelion:

Susannah baked cupcakes at school today and brought some home.  Have to say they were some of the best cupcakes EVER!!  There were lemon ones and coconut ones:

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