May 1, 2012

Our Tuesday...

I was still in a fair bit of pain when I woke up this morning - so we had an easy morning at home while I rested, and then we went outside for a while.  Abby and Sam played and I tidied up a bit of the yard while it was dry.

Then we drove into town to get some supplies for the art class - and we decided today would be a good day to use the coupons they had won for their Spring Break reading challenge.  So we went to Panago and they got to pick ANY type of small pizza they wanted!!  Sam picked half chicken and half pepperoni.  Abby went with double cheese :)  A small pizza is still quite big - and yet Sam ate the whole thing!!!

We took the pizzas to the park and they ate them there - and Sam had fun throwing bits to the seagulls!!
Of course that attracted a LOT of seagulls - which they thought was funny!

I reminded them of why they had the pizzas and how proud they should be that they stuck to the challenge and read all 5 books!  They were really happy to have their prize pizzas!!

In the evening I was supposed to teach week 3 of my art journaling course, but one girl couldn't make it  because of her school play, and another girl was instead of them missing the class (which they were upset about) I asked the other students/ parents if they'd mind cancelling tonights class and just adding it on to the end of the course.  They were actually really happy about it and it worked out well for everyone - me included as my tummy was still hurting.  

So Susannah and I went out for the evening instead.  We sat in Starbucks for a while chatting, and then we went to get her guitar picks that she needed (thicker ones or something??)  and then we drove to Broadmoor Lake again to take some photographs while the sun was setting.  They came out really well and got a lot of response on Instagram which was nice.  

I love seeing Susannah's pictures on there - and watching her take pictures :)  

Then we drove over to pick Laurence up from work - he has managed to pick up some extra shifts this week so he is happy - one guy was fired, so until they replace him, Laurence gets extra hours!  He also got his first pay cheque so that made him happy too - but he comes home and goes straight to sleep - I guess thats a very good thing - he is sleeping better again :)  But only because he's exhausted - but he seems very happy with himself.  New girlfriend - new job....and he's gone down two sizes in pants from all the walking around Sherwood Park and working!  Lol!

Now I am tired and ready for sleep.  Susannah is still sick and is staying home tomorrow.  You can tell she isn't right, because she's miserable :(  We had a lovely evening together but she really wasn't herself - and I think she needs another day of complete rest to fight this bug off!  It's hard to get her to stay home from school.  

We are meeting friends for the afternoon tomorrow, and then Abigail has a class at the library.  I think we are doing geocaching at the park.  

I hope your Tuesday was a good one.

29 Faces in 2

This is my face for day 2 of the '29 Faces in May' challenge.  

I am enjoying the challenge of creating different faces - I am also LOVING seeing everyone elses artwork in the group!  Amazing talent - wow!  

29 Faces in May

I am taking part in an art challenge with a group I belong to - and this month it is 
'29 faces in May' so each day I have to draw a face and add it to the facebook group for the challenge.  
I couldn't resist starting on my first one - so at 12:30am on May 1st, I added my first face to the challenge:

I really like her and am happy with how she turned out.  I need new markers as almost ALL my markers have dried up because of my art classes - so when I can afford it, I will get some new ones - but on the whole I think she came out well :)

Hhhmmm what shall I work on tomorrow????  


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