Aug. 29, 2012

The playground by the lake.....

After the farmers market, we wandered over to the playground.  Susannah and I sat and chatted, took pictures and Susie continued to watch 'Life Unexpected' which I now have her addicted to ;)  

Abigail and Sam quickly found friends to play with at the playground - Sam and his friend were off on his skateboard and Abigail and her friend played on the monkey bars etc:

Susannah borrowed my hoody - which she now wants to keep!!!!

Despite a forecast of rain, it turned into the most beautiful day - although it got chilly as the sun went down - and you can tell it is almost Fall!!

Another great day!  Tomorrow is our last day of freedom in Edmonton.  School starts on Tuesday and won't be around for the weekend.  Well, Laurence and friends are here - but they are dog sitting, house sitting and hanging out lol!

Snapshots from our Wednesday :)

Rosie getting hugs and kisses from Susannah:

I showed the girls a technique for painting polkadots on your nails:

We went to Goodwill, dropped Laurence at his friends house in time for him to go to work, and then went to the farmers market.  I gave the kids some pocket money each for the market and they could choose whatever they wanted:

Abigail chose fries with her money and also bought a bottle of water:

I had lemonade:

Sam picked a yoyo balloon and a mini cupcake and STILL had $2 left!!  It's a great math skill to give them money and have them choose how to spend it and see how much they have left and what else they can get:

Susannah's teachers Son was singing and playing guitar at the market:

Susannah chose to buy a bag of cherries:

29 Faces in September :)

Come and join us for 29 Faces in September!!!

Draw a face every day for at least 29 days.  
Even if you tell yourself you 'can't draw', give it a try!!
Grab some paper and a pencil and draw!  I promise that by the end of the month
 you will see HUGE improvements :)

'29 Faces' on FB  :)  

tag time.....

listening - to Laurence in the shower and the wind blowing outside.  

eating - mini meringues - too many!

drinking - hazelnut coffee

wearing - capris and t-shirt

feeling - edgy and anxious and I want to go out

wanting - Friday to arrive so we can go camping.

needing - peace

thinking - that I like the idea of being in a relationship, until I am in a relationship and then to be honest I resent the hassle!  I resent being pestered and 'needed' and just want them to go away!  Lol!  

enjoying - the summer and don't want school to start next week or for the good weather to end.

wondering - how this evening will work out....

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