Aug. 29, 2012

Snapshots from our Wednesday :)

Rosie getting hugs and kisses from Susannah:

I showed the girls a technique for painting polkadots on your nails:

We went to Goodwill, dropped Laurence at his friends house in time for him to go to work, and then went to the farmers market.  I gave the kids some pocket money each for the market and they could choose whatever they wanted:

Abigail chose fries with her money and also bought a bottle of water:

I had lemonade:

Sam picked a yoyo balloon and a mini cupcake and STILL had $2 left!!  It's a great math skill to give them money and have them choose how to spend it and see how much they have left and what else they can get:

Susannah's teachers Son was singing and playing guitar at the market:

Susannah chose to buy a bag of cherries:

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