Mar. 29, 2013

Science week at our place!

This weeks main focus seems to have been science....from learning about Stalactites and stalagmites, columns and crystals growing in polymers, osmosis, photosynthesis and colour.  We have done all kinds of fun and crazy science experiments here at home!

(will add more text tomorrow)

Edmonton Humane Society - field trip

This morning we went on a homeschoolers field trip to the Edmonton Humane Society.  It was the first time I had visited the new building - I was so impressed - soooo much nicer than the old one!  Big, bright and lots of play space for the animals!

Abigail holding Fluffy the tarantula:

Friday Fill ins... we go! 

1. If I could go anywhere on a road trip, I'd go to Oregon and California...stopping in to see friends.

2. People who don't agree with gay marriage/ equal rights is something I don't understand.

3. Easter makes me think of Daffodils, brunch outside and easter egg hunts with the children.

4. hot bubble bath with a nice drink is the best way to relax!

5. It looks like Spring when the geese fly overhead.

6. Greek yogurt and honey is one of my favorite healthy snacks.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to relaxing after a crazy week, tomorrow my plans include maybe going out with C to Treasured Memories and for coffee and taking the girls to the movies to see The Host and Sunday, I want to have a big family Easter dinner, easter egg hunt, paint eggs, watch a movie! And then on holiday Monday I want to go to the Prairie Gardens Easter Festival.

Snapshots from our Spring Break...

Sam took a class at the library about how to be a Jedi - he got to make his own light sabre and fight Darth Vader with it :)  

The weather has been so gorgeous out - so the kids have been on their scooters, bikes and just outside almost the whole time!

I need a table to go out on the deck by a couple of the chairs - so I decided to recycle the little wooden one I had sitting in the corner of the kitchen.  I am creating a mosaic design on the top in summery swimming-pool blues :)  

Abby and I have been sitting outside doing art, chatting and making jewellery a lot this week.  We have two parts to our deck - and one part is a covered gazebo so things stay dry and shaded - but still warm - it's gorgeous and I can't wait to spend summer out there!

On Wednesday night Susannah had her friend stay over, so we all headed to Millennium Place for the evening - swimming, hot tub etc etc....

Thursday afternoon we went to a homeschool playdate at my friend C's....I think she said there were 18 children there in all???  They had a blast anyway - and I made the most of a comfy armchair and blanket and dozed :)  

This afternoon (Friday) Abigail and I took a jewellery making workshop at Michaels - it was using Memory Wire and beads - we really enjoyed it, so we picked up a few of the supplies and made some more when we got home!  

Abby has been doing a lot of art work this week - following 'how to draw' articles online and in magazines.  She has also astounded me with the way she multiplies big numbers by 11 - she has found a new way to do it - like a trick - and its soooo clever!

Love seeing the big pile of shoes by the doorway when we have playdates:

Thursday morning we had homeschool bowling.  Susannah brought her friend and then afterwards they went to Smilies to meet yet another friend for the lunch buffet.  They had fun.  They then walked to the mall together for a while and then walked home.  

Abigail went back to her friend R's house for lunch. 

That left just Sam and I!!  We took the bottles to the recycling depot and then we went to have lunch with Laurence and get him to the doctors as he is sick.  

After that we headed to C's house for the playdate which is where we met up with Abigail again!!!  Busy and yet fun-filled day :)  

Still working on the 'Spirits of Joy' online class I am taking.

Abigail took a class at the library on Wednesday called 'Strange but True' - it was based on world records that have been done by kids - and they all got into teams and tried to beat each other at the records!  Hula-hooping, building a tower of Cheerios etc etc

I am supposed to be having Spanish lessons - but a certain Meerkat and I don't seem to be able to get together to have a lesson!  So I picked up a language cd at the library to learn the basics.

Sam won a donut on 'roll up the rim to win' and was happy to go and choose one:

The bubble mixture is out - I guess it must be Spring!!

Abby in the jewellery making class today:

Sledding in the back yard:

Bowling yesterday:

Abby and I on Monday - having tea together in the library:

Warm sunny days but the evenings are chilly and it's nice to have a fire going:

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