Jul. 5, 2012

piccies :)

Sam with his radish - they are finally ready to eat and a good size!!  He picked this one this morning and after showing Susie, he washed it and ate it :)  

He has LOVED growing things - he talks to his sunflowers and strokes the leaves - and he checks on them every day :)  He really does LOVE gardening :)  

Another pic from Monday at the Legislature.  M lives close to the Leg. Grounds :)  

North Sask river:

The sky this evening:

Waiting for the girls to get ready so we could leave:

Coney Island Candy store:

The traditional visit to Zoltar for fortunes:

We introduced Cassie to British fish and chips:

New Summer reading for me :)  

And saw this and thought it was hilarious - I have days like this:

The mist hanging over my front yard this evening was beautiful:

Telus World of Science....

We decided to head back to Telus World of Science today - our membership runs out in August, so I figured we should go a couple more times and really make the most of it!  

Susannah's friend Cassie stayed over last night and came with us today.  
It was a lot of fun - especially watching them all playing in the Discovery Zone :)

We started by watching one of the shows they do regularly - this one was about catalysts in chemical reactions!  Sam put his hand up to volunteer and he got chosen!!  The jacket he had to wear was HUGE for him, and he had to wear rubber gloves too - they were big too and he stood there wiggling his fingers and hands together as though he was plotting something - it was so funny!  The scientist pretended that what he did hadn't worked but then it started to heat up, and it caught fire!!!  Sam was wowed by it :)  

They had a lot of fun in the body zone:

But the favourite area was definitely the Discovery Zone - we all played with the bricks - making funny sentences with them - and Sam built with them.  The girls played on the piano too:

We spent quite a while in the robots section again - playing with the robotic arms and with the dominoes:

Pilot Sam:

Pilot Cassie:

A good afternoon was had by all :)  

I hope my Abby is having a fabulous week at camp :)  

A wonderful start to Thursday...

I was the first one awake today, so I came downstairs, made coffee, and sat out on the porch - enjoying the transformation from stormy cold day yesterday, to pure blue skies and warm sunshine today!

It wasn't long before Sam came running out to see what I was up to, so I made us both coffee again and we sat together and chatted :)  he was telling me all about the fruit farm he wants to own when he is older and all the different things he is going to grow :)  

He then popped back inside and came out with Daisies in a vase to put on our little table on the porch :)

So lovely!  What an amazing way to start the day:

Snapshots of our week so far :)

Rosie girl having a cuddle yesterday morning:

art journaling yesterday:

Yesterday was cold, windy and rainy and more like October!!  I ended up feeling ill in the afternoon and napped by the fire.  I felt dizzy, achey and flu-like:

Legislature walk pictures:

Sam chatting up a girl in the wading pool:

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