Jul. 7, 2012


Tonight as I drove up in to the West Edmonton Mall parking lot, I was thinking about how much I've changed....and again on the way home, when we decided to head down Calgary Trail...it hit me that I didn't even think about what I was doing or where I was going.

I used to be such a nervous driver.  I would have a panic attack about driving to West Ed Mall.  I would plan my route and think about where I'd park - and what if's.....

I'd want to be home before dark and never EVER go faster than 80 on Whitemud.  I would NEVER dream of driving along Whyte Ave or downtown!!  OMG no!!!

And planning a road trip???  haha don't be silly!

But now, now I just go - wherever I want to go, and don't even think about it!  In snow, rain, sunshine....day or night.  In fact it is now ME that people ask to drive somewhere if it is downtown or somewhere difficult, because they know I don't mind doing it!

Filling the truck up with gas, washing it, taking it for it's service and to get the tyres changed...it just isn't an issue.

I have no idea why I was so anxious about it in the past.  I have sooooo much more freedom these days - and we do so many fun things - and when I want to go to an event/ festival or workshop, I don't have to concern myself with where it is or where I will park.  I just go!

All those wasted years.  I am so happy that I was given no choice but to gain this independence.  I know my life would be so very different otherwise.  It is one of the HUGE blessings from my divorce.  It really has been life changing - in a good way.   :)


Hahaha this is what I woke to this morning:

So I crept downstairs and made a coffee, and sat out on the porch to 
enjoy it with the book I'm currently reading (Nick Sparks 'The Choice') :

The flowers Sam brought out yesterday were still on my little wicker table and are such a joy to look at while I relax on the porch:

Rosie soon woke up and came running out to see me:

Wasn't too long before Sammy woke up and came down to find me.  I made him a little coffee and he sat on the porch steps chatting with me:

The girls didn't get up until LATE - Susannah came down first and then a VERY tired looking Cassie came downstairs :)    We were going to go and meet friends at the splashpark but it was too late by the time the girls got up.  So we ended up having a lazy day at home.  Reading, relaxing and chatting on the deck:

It was another GORGEOUS Summer day:

We cooled off with popsicles:

After Cassie left I found my two like this:  

Sam left to go to camp with his Dad and pick Abby up.  Susannah and I headed to West Edmonton Mall for the evening.  Susannah got what she wanted - a bikini and iphone cover...but we then went for supper and forgot the time - and when we came out of the restaurant, the stores had closed lol!!  So I didn't get to go to the art store or to look for a bag that I wanted.  Sigh...never mind - it was a lovely evening and we had a LOT of fun!!

We came home via Calgary Trail, where we stopped off for drinks and sat outside with them for a while.  Then headed home and sat on my bed to watch The Sixth Sense.  We've borrowed it from the library.  

And that was our Friday - along with some very interesting texts from Meerkat....oh the fun of having conversations with someone whose first language is not English :)  

My current favourite song....

I am LOVING this song.....it's just so amazingly sexy lol....makes me want to rip my clothes off - and someone elses too :)  
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