Nov. 17, 2012

For today.....

Outside my skies and sunshine but not as warm as they said yesterday - it's -1c and its supposed to get colder this week with more snow.  

I am thinking...that I really need to get the storage room downstair organized properly.We have just been taking boxes down and piling them up but not in an organized manner - so I am never going to be able to find anything - I want everything sorted in an organized way - Christmas things together, clothes together, camping things together....

I am thankful...that the garage is almost empty now and it won't be long before we can get both cars in there - Terry is coming this week to light the furnace in there and then it will be warm too - hopefully we will be all set before the snow falls again!

In the kitchen...lots of cooking and baking.  I love the new kitchen as its a good size to keep clean and tidy - so much easier than the old kitchen - and no hitler standing over me any more :)  

I am old cardigan with a hole in it but its an old favourite that I love :)

I am creating...a winter journal.  I am also planning my JYC.  I am also still creating our new home and thinking about getting the Christmas decorations out although part of me is in a 'can't be bothered' mood - because I have just packed and unpacked from moving so it feels like too much effort to unpack and pack up MORE stuff I think I might wait a few more weeks....but we are off to a Christmas festival this afternoon - maybe that will help get me in the mood!  

I am prepare a little fun project for Sam and Abby this week - for when the snow falls :)

I am I got so lucky with my friends - I seem to spend my whole time saying "I have such amazing friends - I am so lucky - I really DO have such amazing friends" :)  
I am reading...Barbara Delinsky's 'Not My Daughter' - I started it months ago and then got distracted and too busy so put it down - so now I want to really get stuck in!!!
I am hoping...that my meds really kick in properly this week and work their magic - I also hope that I get some good results from the blood work and tests I had done yesterday.  

I am looking forward settling down and getting back to normal hopefully next's been a little chaotic the last month!
I am to ask for help and how to lean on friends - and how lucky I am :)  I am learning who is there for me and who isn't.  I am learning to let go and to hold on.  I am learning where the peace is :)  

Around the house...lots of laughter.  Lots of learning.  Lots of comfort.  coziness.  Homeliness. warmth.  reading.  Family. Friends.  Love :)

I am pondering...the future

A favorite quote for today...Friends are the family we choose for ourselves :)

One of my favorite things...friends :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: birthday celebration, French class, spaghetti bridge building, homeschool class at the library, Christmas Celebration of lights, swimming, seeing Christie, climbing at West Edmonton Mall, Movies, Kidz Quarterz, 

A peek into my day...maybe swimming?  Celebration of lights, library?  No clue :)  

More waiting.......

Today consisted of a lot of waiting.....

Waiting online to talk to people at MEP....
Waiting on the phone to talk to people at Epcor...
Waiting for our internet to come back on CONSTANTLY because it keeps going off and on grrrrrr
and waiting YET AGAIN at a clinic as I had to have more tests done.
Fun fun fun....

On a brighter note, my fabby friend Trish came over for some bits and pieces of furniture - she brought me one of her AMAZING coffees

She also brought her two gorgeous girls with her who hung out with my two youngest which they LOVED and kept them happy for the day!!  She helped me sort the garage so we can get one of the cars in there at LAST!!!  She was basically a superstar!!!

Abby baked this afternoon.  Yummy chocolate muffins.

I got caught up on laundry, unpacked more boxes, sorted tons of stuff...tonight we chillaxed and watched tv....

I think tonight finally - FINALLY my new meds are starting to kick in and I am FINALLY starting to get used to them and note feel quite like a zombie on them....we will see if they help over the next few weeks!!!!!!  Or what effect they have on me.....

Synergy Wellness Centre is REALLY nice:

Thursday fun :)

I was woken at 4:30am by Rosie needing to go outside for the bathroom.  Then the graders were busy beeping as they reversed back and forth clearing the roads in the area of snow and ice grrrrrr I was awake for a couple of hours and eventually got back to sleep at 6:30am.   Then we all ended up oversleeping a bit which meant a bit of a rush to get ready to leave for Susannahs doctors appointment!

Of course we get there to be told the Doctor was running late and we should head off for a while - so we go and sit in Timmys for half an hour or so before going back to the clinic to wait...

After the doctors we came home and relaxed for the afternoon...Abigail took Rosie for a walk and Sam and Susannah cleared the snow from the driveway as the weather was so good (+5c)  

In the evening we had our homeschool group - we made bird feeders!!  AMAZING bird feeders :)  

Sam bored in the Doctors waiting room:

Had to laugh at Brians t-shirt!!!  I wonder what the other parents at the group thought lmao!  Laurence would've LOVED it :)  

Trish laughing as I snapped a pic of Brians shirt:

Dave filling Sams bird feeder up with seed:

After the group we stopped off at Superstore for a few groceries then headed home and made supper, then sat and ate - it was quite late and we were all in a silly mood - as you can see in this picture:

After our late supper I headed into the garage to sort some more boxes and bring in some shelves and things for my bedroom etc ended up being a VERY late night but a very productive one :)

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