Nov. 17, 2012

For today.....

Outside my skies and sunshine but not as warm as they said yesterday - it's -1c and its supposed to get colder this week with more snow.  

I am thinking...that I really need to get the storage room downstair organized properly.We have just been taking boxes down and piling them up but not in an organized manner - so I am never going to be able to find anything - I want everything sorted in an organized way - Christmas things together, clothes together, camping things together....

I am thankful...that the garage is almost empty now and it won't be long before we can get both cars in there - Terry is coming this week to light the furnace in there and then it will be warm too - hopefully we will be all set before the snow falls again!

In the kitchen...lots of cooking and baking.  I love the new kitchen as its a good size to keep clean and tidy - so much easier than the old kitchen - and no hitler standing over me any more :)  

I am old cardigan with a hole in it but its an old favourite that I love :)

I am creating...a winter journal.  I am also planning my JYC.  I am also still creating our new home and thinking about getting the Christmas decorations out although part of me is in a 'can't be bothered' mood - because I have just packed and unpacked from moving so it feels like too much effort to unpack and pack up MORE stuff I think I might wait a few more weeks....but we are off to a Christmas festival this afternoon - maybe that will help get me in the mood!  

I am prepare a little fun project for Sam and Abby this week - for when the snow falls :)

I am I got so lucky with my friends - I seem to spend my whole time saying "I have such amazing friends - I am so lucky - I really DO have such amazing friends" :)  
I am reading...Barbara Delinsky's 'Not My Daughter' - I started it months ago and then got distracted and too busy so put it down - so now I want to really get stuck in!!!
I am hoping...that my meds really kick in properly this week and work their magic - I also hope that I get some good results from the blood work and tests I had done yesterday.  

I am looking forward settling down and getting back to normal hopefully next's been a little chaotic the last month!
I am to ask for help and how to lean on friends - and how lucky I am :)  I am learning who is there for me and who isn't.  I am learning to let go and to hold on.  I am learning where the peace is :)  

Around the house...lots of laughter.  Lots of learning.  Lots of comfort.  coziness.  Homeliness. warmth.  reading.  Family. Friends.  Love :)

I am pondering...the future

A favorite quote for today...Friends are the family we choose for ourselves :)

One of my favorite things...friends :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: birthday celebration, French class, spaghetti bridge building, homeschool class at the library, Christmas Celebration of lights, swimming, seeing Christie, climbing at West Edmonton Mall, Movies, Kidz Quarterz, 

A peek into my day...maybe swimming?  Celebration of lights, library?  No clue :)  
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