Dec. 25, 2012

Our Christmas Day so far....

I was awake at 5am - I'm getting used to this lol!  I was soooo tired after 4 hours sleep, but couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and took Rosie downstairs - let her out and made a cup of coffee.  Then curled up in my armchair by the Christmas Tree and checked Facebook - unlike most days, FB was busy with all the Moms up and awake early with their excited kids - and some of us Moms, like me, Ki and Brandy, awake BEFORE our kids and wishing they'd wake up lol!!

I had hazelnut coffee with hazelnut Baileys in it :) fact I got through rather too many of these this morning :)  

I also got through far too many liqueur chocolates - that Kevin and his Mom sent over from Germany.  
Yum.  Thats all - just YUM!!  :)  

Kevin also sent over the most gorgeous keepsake tin filled with German Christmas goodies:

And a stollen!!  Which is funy because I didn't buy one this year -decided it was too expensive just for me and I wouldn't be able to eat the whole thing - so now I get to have one of my favourite Christmas foods anyway:

One of my gifts was a new craft/ hobby - sculpey clay and tools:

And all the hints paid off - Laurence got me a copy of Ian Sheldons book 'Storm Chaser' :)  Yay!  I love his artwork and am thrilled with this - can't wait to sit down and look through it later:

Our advent calendars are done for the year :(  

Our 'turkey' was not very attractive or appetizing before it went in the oven:

But it tasted AMAZING and the cranberry stuffing inside was soooo good!  I served it with roasties, honeyed and mashed carrot and swede and gravy :)  

This is a charm that I made for my guitar-playing daughter, Susannah:

And two other charms I made this week:

Mmmm Scottish shortbread:

A canvas I painted last week:

My sculpey tools:

I had this on the table for dinner:

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