Feb. 1, 2013

Friday Fill-ins...

And...here we go!

1. Sniff, sniff...what is this? a cold?  NO NOOOO I will not let it be! 

2. hockey sports fan, I am not.

3. What in the world is she doing - or rather NOT doing? 

4. I never seem to get any peace and quiet but I really don't mind - they are little for such a short time. 

5. One of my dreams is to have another child. 

6. Quiet days at home are so few. 

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to changing my plans and now relaxing and watching a movie, tomorrow my plans include going to the City of Light festival and to YESS to pick up my chairs and Sunday, I want to spend the day with a cute little one year old and hopefully go and watch the fire and Ice closing ceremony with Meerkat!

Bobble toes....

We came home this afternoon and had just enough time before the school run to shovel the driveway and back deck.  Rosie spent a while outside playing and ended up looking like this - Abby and I washed her down with warm water to melt the snow and ice lumps and she warmed up inside.  Poor girl - she could barely walk :(  

The Nature Centre...

After a morning at Fort Edmonton Park, we headed over to the 
John Janzen Nature Centre.  Sam and Abby had a blast playing with friends in the indoor playground, and we had a brief look around the centre - we also had coffee and lunch in the car - had taken a flask of coffee with us :)  It was fun!

Sleigh ride through the falling snow......

This morning we took part in a photoshoot at Fort Edmonton.  It was to advertise their sleigh rides, and so we were given a sleigh ride around the park and had a photographer with us - every now and then we would stop and the photographer would take his shots.  It was snowing but the weather was very mild - and with the big fluffy flakes falling around us it was just beautiful :)  

I had never been in the park in the snow, so I took the chance to snap some pictures of my own:

The Moose Head in the foyer of the Hotel Selkirk.

There were lots of cats by this one building:

It was an early start for this little guy:

Art in progress....

Snapshots from our week...

I found some fun worksheets and activities for math, science and language arts, that used boxes of candy hearts - so Sam and Abby sat and worked through those...comparing boxes, sorting, graphing, stacking, measuring, estimating....

We prepared the tank and then hatched the Sea Monkeys - the children have been enjoying watching them grow - there are sooo many in there and and they are so big already!

Abigail had a VERY creative week again and continued to make endless things for her doll - from furniture to shoes!  She then got out my polymer clay and made some foods which she baked in the oven.  I think she did an amazing job:


I love watching and listening to Sam playing with his toys.  He loves at-home days and so was happy with the nasty weather this week which meant staying home lots and having the fire lit :)

The birds were so hungry this week - we restocked their feeders several times:

After the birthdays, we were totally ready for some home cooked meals.  Last night was pulled pork in the crockpot, the night before we had mashed spuds, pies and veggies - and tonight we had fish.  

I used some of the candy hearts to make a wreath for Valentines Day:

It was a quiet week thankfully - but also because we cancelled some of our plans and spent a lot of time at home - much needed to re-centre and relax.  

We made some ice gemstones to play with and to set into a glass bowl outside.  

Last night Sam ran me a bath (awwww) and sprinkled bath confetti into it for me - 
You can spy some Leg in there too  :)  

I love my bathroom :)

Susannah had an eye exam this week and her eyes have continued to deteriorate :(  she needs a MAJOR prescription change again - she found some glasses that look great!  And we got a discount with AMA thankfully!

Abigail enjoyed trying on glasses while she waited:

Monday - Susannah turned 15 :)

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter Susannah,
who turned fifteen on Monday :)  

Susannah chose to go to New Asian Village for her birthday dinner.
Laurence came too but didn't want to be photographed.
Dinner was a huge hit with everyone - even Laurence (not a fan of Indian food) loved the desserts:

We all ate far too much at dinner, and so we had Susannahs birthday cake on Tuesday:

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