Feb. 1, 2013

Snapshots from our week...

I found some fun worksheets and activities for math, science and language arts, that used boxes of candy hearts - so Sam and Abby sat and worked through those...comparing boxes, sorting, graphing, stacking, measuring, estimating....

We prepared the tank and then hatched the Sea Monkeys - the children have been enjoying watching them grow - there are sooo many in there and and they are so big already!

Abigail had a VERY creative week again and continued to make endless things for her doll - from furniture to shoes!  She then got out my polymer clay and made some foods which she baked in the oven.  I think she did an amazing job:


I love watching and listening to Sam playing with his toys.  He loves at-home days and so was happy with the nasty weather this week which meant staying home lots and having the fire lit :)

The birds were so hungry this week - we restocked their feeders several times:

After the birthdays, we were totally ready for some home cooked meals.  Last night was pulled pork in the crockpot, the night before we had mashed spuds, pies and veggies - and tonight we had fish.  

I used some of the candy hearts to make a wreath for Valentines Day:

It was a quiet week thankfully - but also because we cancelled some of our plans and spent a lot of time at home - much needed to re-centre and relax.  

We made some ice gemstones to play with and to set into a glass bowl outside.  

Last night Sam ran me a bath (awwww) and sprinkled bath confetti into it for me - 
You can spy some Leg in there too  :)  

I love my bathroom :)

Susannah had an eye exam this week and her eyes have continued to deteriorate :(  she needs a MAJOR prescription change again - she found some glasses that look great!  And we got a discount with AMA thankfully!

Abigail enjoyed trying on glasses while she waited:

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