Feb. 6, 2013

Self portraits :)

Albertas Winter Walk Day....

Today was Winter Walk Day here in Alberta - an initiative to get people outside and walking for at least 15 minutes.  I registered online as Sherwood Park and Area Homeschoolers, and organized for people to meet at the community centre for an afternoon walk as part of the Walk Day.

There were 23 of us in all and we logged over 1200 minutes of walking in all as a group.  :)  

It was very cold in the wind to begin with, but by the end the sun was out, the wind had stopped, and it was lovely and warm!

I'm so glad we took part.  I think things like this are important to support :)  

Sea Monkeys :)

Sam was given Sea Monkeys as a birthday gift, and they are now about 10 days old.  They are doing sooooo good so far and are getting quite big!  :)  

Poor Keegan!!

Going through my box of old pictures yesterday, and I found this one of Sam as a bay with the little teddies he was given.  He still has them all, but the one he is attached to is Keegan - a little bear that his Dad chose from the hospital store when he was born!  Keegan is now looking a little tatty, has lost his bow and is a completely different colour - but he has been well loved, taken all over the place - even England!!  And has been through the washing machine several times!!

I love that sam still has Keegan and that he remains an important part of his life:

Yesterday afternoon I had to pop something round to a coffee/ playdate at a friends - we were invited but never actually made it there - but I needed to drop something off.  While there, my friend D gave me a belated gift...when I opened the bag I was speechless!  Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts!  Wow she knows me well!  Wonderfully perfect words to go on the wall 'Make Each day Your Masterpiece'.  A candle for my baths - I always light candles while I soak in the bubble bath!  And this candle smells incredible - I can't describe the delicate, milky, vanilla-y scent!! And a 5 year journal called 'Jane a Day' :)  On each page there is a quote from Jane Austen!!!  Sooo gorgeous!
Really gorgeous gifts that are so very 'me' and my taste :)  
So grateful - thank you D xxx

Tuesday at our place!!

Yesterday I got to look after this little cutie!!  He spent the morning with us while his Mom took his brother skiing :)  It was soooo much fun having a little one around the place again!!  
Exhausting, but a lot of fun - wow you forget how much hard work they are - always on the go, and needing help with so much - but he was so good and so much fun :)  


Monday was another lovely sunny and warm day.  We had the windows and back door open and I enjoyed my coffee on the deck:

Abigail had her French class, and so while she was there, Sam and I took the recycling to the bottle depot:

I can't believe how much like me he looks in this picture:

After the bottle depot, we went to Lets Play for an hour or so.  Sam played while I art journaled and wrote my '52 Lists' journal.  We both enjoyed looking at the aquarium too:

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