Feb. 6, 2013

Yesterday afternoon I had to pop something round to a coffee/ playdate at a friends - we were invited but never actually made it there - but I needed to drop something off.  While there, my friend D gave me a belated gift...when I opened the bag I was speechless!  Such beautiful and thoughtful gifts!  Wow she knows me well!  Wonderfully perfect words to go on the wall 'Make Each day Your Masterpiece'.  A candle for my baths - I always light candles while I soak in the bubble bath!  And this candle smells incredible - I can't describe the delicate, milky, vanilla-y scent!! And a 5 year journal called 'Jane a Day' :)  On each page there is a quote from Jane Austen!!!  Sooo gorgeous!
Really gorgeous gifts that are so very 'me' and my taste :)  
So grateful - thank you D xxx

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