Nov. 6, 2012


We got a rather large dump of snow last was really coming down - and settled fast!  On Friday I shovelled the driveway and sidewalk at the new house twice in just over an hour....Shovelling snow is actually one chore I really enjoy!  I did pop and get small shovels for Sam and Abby too though as they wanted to help - Sam seems to love clearing the snow and did the whole driveway on his own at the weekend :)  


A friend posted this on Facebook and I think it is sooo beautiful.  Simple and yet really does describe this month of November so well :)  

Crazy catch-up :)

Wow - soooo much has happened since I last posted!!  Lots to write, lots to share and lots of pictures to add!!!!  :)  I guess I will start with Halloween.....

we started off our afternoon at the old house....pumpkin carving, cake decorating and getting ready...then we headed in to town to the new house...and I was then able to give out candy at the door while the kids all went Trick or Treating together...

It was really fun to finally be able to give out candy and have kids come to the door :)  Abby and Sam had chosen the candy we gave out...I dressed up to answer the door too :)  

Dancing to Thriller:

Trick or Treat:

Laurence was his favourite Disney character, Woody:

One happy boy with his candy:

Some of the candy we gave out was gummy shaped body parts - like this little ear lol:

Too much sugar and they are LITERALLY climbing the walls lol:

Sorting their stash and trading - Susannahs friends thought this was a great idea as in the past they have always been stuck with candy they don't like - but with trading they get to swap what they don't like for things they do like:

Exhausting day but soooo fun :)  

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