May 7, 2012

Our Monday evening....

Pond dipping and catching frogs:

First froggy caught:

Rosie had a playdate with Dave's dog.  They both played sooooo well together - Susie played fetch with them with the ball and we also got them diving into the pond.  The black lab wasn't as keen as Rosie though and preferred to run round the edge :)

It was fun for Rosie to have a friend to play with - and good exercise too!  
Susannah had fun with them:

Rosie spent much of today digging too - with Sam and on her own - and she is very dirty- but so very happy and loves Summer when we are all outside and she can swim and run about:

Sam continued working on his 'shelter' - he has dug a hole big enough to get into and then covered it with a 'roof' and he says he can hide in there safely from coyotes lol:

Susie playing fetch with the dogs:

Craft time for today!!

We made plaster of paris plaques to go in the garden or on the porch today - we mixed the plaster and poured it into moulds and then we decorated them before the plaster went hard.  We used all kinds of things to decorate the plaques - from buttons to little toys, marbles and sea shells etc etc.  

They worked so well and the children REALLY enjoyed making them!!!  They made two each and then also made plain plaques to paint another day!!

First really hot day :)

We stopped off for ice creams on the way home and took them home.  We sat on the porch together and ate them.  Yummy!  A real treat on a hot afternoon!!

I also sat on the porch for a while early evening - I had cut a lot of the grass, done a craft with the children, cleaned up, been to the lake and playground, done school work, done pond dipping....and decided I deserved to sit with my feet up and have a cool bottle of water while I listened to the frogs :)  

Abigail has created her new favourite sandwich and she asked if Sam and I would like one for supper tonight - so we said yes, and she went off to make it - she brought it outside to me and it was REALLY yummy!  It's a fried egg, spinach and cheese in a toasted sandwich :)  

She is such a great cook!!  So proud of her - she just LOVES to cook!

Afternoon at the park....

We got all of our school work done this morning - math, writing, art etc etc - long multiplication for Abigail and some copywork for Sam.....then as the weather was soooo GORGEOUS we spent a LOVELY afternoon at the playground near our home.  We played at the swings etc and then walked down to the lake - the children threw rocks into the water for a while and Sam had a butterfly on his arm!  The children found some money at the playground - just a handful of coins, so we stopped for ice creams on the way home and took them home to eat on the porch.

29 Faces in May.

This is my journal page for today for 29 Faces in May.

Outside My Window... blue skies, warm temperatures, grass turning green...frogs being LOUD.  Geese honking - silly goos is stood behind the trampoline just honking away!!!

I am thinking...that we will go and grab lunch and take it to the park for a picnic.

I am thankful for...a certain someones messages that make me smile :)

From the kitchen...Abigail made a yummy cake last night - we were outside playing and she decided she felt like baking a cake!  So she went inside and baked a big chocolate cake - then she iced it too and we all tucked in to cake :)  She is so independent and capable!!  She LOVES to cook!  Cakes, snacks, dinners.....she just loves to cook.

I am wearing...capri's and a tshirt.

I am creating... 29 Faces in May for an online challenge.  Doodles in a class that starts this week - I won a place in Sandi's fabulous class called 'I Doodle - Do you?'  Can't wait to start!!!  :)

I am the zoo tomorrow to make the most of the good weather :)  
I am reading... 'These things hidden' by  Heather Gudenkauf.

I am hoping... the weather stays good over the weekend.

I am hearing... frogs, geese, Abigail working out math sums and talking to herself, Sam talking about his school work/ copywork from this morning...and we just had a conversation about Surrealism and cubism as Sam finished his portrait he was doing.

Around the house...I got the paint to do the windows.  I also have been busy outside - tidying up the yard, cutting grass, decorating the porch, filling bird feeders, sweeping.....

One of my favorite things...this gorgeous weather -I love that Summer is almost here - I feel soooooo much better now the good weather is here .

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The we are going to get lunch and take it to the park.  Tomorrow we are going to the zoo to see all the changes there.  Tomorrow night I have my evening class.  Wednesday - no plans yet - maybe swimming.  The kids are going to their dads in the evening.  Thursday  is homeschool park day in castledowns.  Not sure if we will go or not.  In the evening we are going to see Sharons daughter in Peter Pan!!  Then on Friday is the Gem show - and we might go away for the weekend as its Mothers day.  Not sure - depends on the weather and other plans.  Laurence isn't working until Thursday and then is working all weekend.  I need to get my hair cut too!!

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