Jun. 27, 2012

Tag time!!

listening  - to Abigail tidying her bedroom.  The wind blowing outside - sooo windy today!  

eating - about to have some marmite on toast :)  

drinking - lots of coffee today - I need it!!

wearing - black denim capris and a t-shirt.

feeling - tired.  And I have earache today - no clue why either!

wanting - this week to be over - too much to do and I have no energy or motivation!  I want July to be here!!

needing - a day off.

thinking - are all men the same?  Seriously - married men drive me insane.  Why do they all think it's ok to chat up other women behind their wives backs???  I may smile and laugh at your jokes guys but trust me - you do NOT want to know what I'm really thinking of you!

enjoying - the book I'm reading, and the online class I'm taking.

wondering - how some people sleep at night!
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