Jun. 4, 2012

Today I....

Today I went to sobeys to get buns and salad to go with our barbecue :)

Today I hoped for a day to take things easy after the weekend :)

Today I dreamed about flying over my beautiful home :)

Today I forgot to make a phone call I needed to make - but it can wait until tomorrow.

Today I heard Sam call Laurence a pussy - and we all burst out laughing!

Today I said my friend John shares the same name as a penis :)

Today I read Effy Wilds oracle reading for the BOD's class and it really touched me!

Today I watched Sam and Susie baking, Sam and Abby riding their bikes and Sam and Abby doing archery

Today I believed that life is good :)

Today I felt extremely grateful for my good health - and that of my family.

Today I wondered what this summer holds for me.

Today I bought yoghurts and had a discussion with Laurence about how we pronounce that word and other words - some the Canadian way and some the British way :)

Today I cleaned the upstairs bathrooms, the kitchen cupboards and sinks, the main floor and I cut more grass.

Today I was me - I started my day doing art journaling and will end my day the same way :)  Being passionate and creative keeps my life in balance :)

things to share...

Todays assignment from BOD class - and it was suggested to use the ink blot technique to create the wings.  The tarot reading was very appropriate for me and I was keen to work on this page:

Monday :)

Enjoying a drink in the sunshine while dinner was cooking:

Dinner prepped and ready to go on the bbq :)

Dinner cooking:

My vegeburger:

Supper ready:

Sam and Susannah baked oatmeal and chocolate chip squares together:

Tonight I cut the grass then sat on the deck to relax.  All in all a lovely day :) 

Todays snapshots...

Sams sucker from yesterday that he continues to work on :)  

Sunlight this afternoon:

Waiting in the theatre for the movie to start tonight:

Sam loves playing outside sooooo much.  He and I are outside almost all the time now.  He keeps telling me how he doesn't want to move and wants to stay here because he loves all the trees and space and his mud pile...of all the kids it will be Sam hardest hit by a move into town.  He is very much a country/ outside/ get dirty and climb trees kind of boy!  He has plans to finish the treehouse, build a fort, grow things....he loves the pond and the woods and is always asking em to head off with him into the woods for a walk.  He also loves hunting for stones on the driveway...digging holes in the back yard to look for bones and treasure...catching bugs and frogs and watching the birds with me..

The moon tonight was stunning!  It was huge and low in the sky as the sun went down - and when we got home it was peeking out from behind the house:

It really was a stunning sight coming back from town:

The Hunger Games

Susannah finished The Hunger games trilogy this week - and I had decided not to read it, so tonight we headed to the movie theatre to see the first movie.  Abigail was very excited to see the  movie too, so she came with us.

It was a very interesting movie - very well made, and exciting - but I can't say that I 'enjoyed' it.  I think being a Mom has much to do with that though.  I found the storyline quite disturbing.  The idea of almost an entire society happily watching a  reality tv show each year in which children slaughter each other.

At one point it really was literally a blood-bath.  

I just can't imagine any point in time where a society would think this was normal and exciting and fun.    Especially women - and yet women in the production studio were assisting with it all.  No emotion, no sense of injustice.  

I know it is fiction and not going to ever happen - but it was obviously in someones mind - and I suppose when you think of what Hitler did with no emotion - well perhaps it is possible to create a society that accepts it as the norm.  


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