Aug. 23, 2013

Tag time...

1. I'm happiest when...there is little stress

2. Someday I'm going to...see the cherry blossoms in Japan

3. When I'm really down, what I want to do is...soak in a hot bubble bath

4. I feel anxious when...things are out of my control

5. I'm afraid that...Im doing it wrong

6. I like people who...don't stress the small stuff

7. All it takes to make me happy is...thoughtfulness

8. What I really want to do a success

9. I wish that...I could see into the future

10. I don't like people who...judge others or who stress over silly things

11. A person really their minds more

12. I just hate it is so important to some people

13. I have everything I need, however...I don't know what the future holds

14. If I could do whatever I wanted, I would...stay at home and be a full time homeschooling parent because I believe it is the best for my children.

Aug. 12, 2013

Cariwest Parade and Festival

We headed downtown to see the Cariwest 2013 Parade on Saturday and then stayed afterwards for Trinidadian food (Doubles and Kurma) and to enjoy the festival.  It was soooo hot down there though!

Aug. 9, 2013

Summer camp!!

Abby and Sam went to Birch Bay Ranch summer camp last week - this was Abigails third year and Samuels first!  They had a wonderful week and many many fun experiences. Abigail came home with a huge long list of emails addresses and phone numbers for new friends!

Jul. 6, 2013

Fort Edmonton

On Thursday we had a lovely day out at Fort Edmonton with Kaylah and her boys.  Wow 4 hours can fly by sometimes!!  As well as looking round at all the historical places there, we had fun at the Midway.  I rode the Ferris Wheel with Sam and the children played the sideshow games - fishing pond and roll a number.  Sam won a game of Pick up Sticks, and that evening we had a lot of fun playing a few rounds with Abby and Susannah.  

An outhouse built for three:

Friday fill-ins we go! 

1. Blue skies and sunshine, and the birds singing.  I'm happy to be awake early :)

2.  memory lane is where I head when I look through all my photographs :)

3. Kids make my life complete :)

4. Outdoor pools, thunderstorms, festivals and lemonade at the farmers market these are some of the best things about summer. 

5. Love is unconditional between an owner and their dog.

6. I have no clue what submarine races are

7. And as for the weekend, Friday night I'm looking forward to Chinese take-out and a movie, Saturday my plans include farmers markets, lunch with friends and the Street Performers Festival and Sunday, I want to go on the Glenora photo walk and then spend the afternoon on Whyte at the sand art festival and the street party!

May 11, 2013


It's May 11th and I haven't posted in May at all yet.  I haven't felt like blogging.  Too much on my mind right now I guess.  And now that the weather is so lovely I want to be outside enjoying it.  I love Summer so much.  Life always gets so busy in summer as we make the most of every day and every evening.  Bedtimes get later and later and I have no time and no desire to be on my laptop.  I rarely use it now - I prefer my phone - on my phone I can say hello to certain people who make me smile :)
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