Aug. 23, 2013

Tag time...

1. I'm happiest when...there is little stress

2. Someday I'm going to...see the cherry blossoms in Japan

3. When I'm really down, what I want to do is...soak in a hot bubble bath

4. I feel anxious when...things are out of my control

5. I'm afraid that...Im doing it wrong

6. I like people who...don't stress the small stuff

7. All it takes to make me happy is...thoughtfulness

8. What I really want to do a success

9. I wish that...I could see into the future

10. I don't like people who...judge others or who stress over silly things

11. A person really their minds more

12. I just hate it is so important to some people

13. I have everything I need, however...I don't know what the future holds

14. If I could do whatever I wanted, I would...stay at home and be a full time homeschooling parent because I believe it is the best for my children.

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