Apr. 6, 2012

Good Friday 2012

We spent our morning relaxing - Abigail did more sewing - she stitched a denim bag out of a pair of shorts as well as a couple of other things.  Sam played outside for a while building a fort with Rosie.  Everyone showered and got cleaned up.  We all headed out to buy rubber boots ready for The Prairie Gardens, which will be VERY muddy :)  

I was thrilled to find a game of scrabble for $3 which I have been looking for for AGES!  I need the game pieces to make charms for necklaces to sell!  I am so excited to now have a whole bag of them to experiment with :)  

This evening we headed to Katies Crossing, which we had all been looking forward to - yay it is now reopen for their amazing fries and onion rings :)  

We were given a bowl of chocolate eggs for the children as part of the meal too, so we took them home and ate them while we watched our movie:  'We Bought A Zoo'.  Such a lovely movie :)  

It was a lovely day:

Yummy onion rings:

The sun on the melting snow was quite dazzling!!

I hope you had a lovely Good Friday, wherever you are and whatever you did.  

Friday fill-ins....

Happy Easter to all who celebrate it! Here we go!

1. Eggs are a big part of our life right now - farm eggs from Trish (yum) learning to cook all kinds of new ways with eggs (Laurence, Abby....) crafts with eggs, baby chicks, egg hunts, art, chocolate, geodes, .
2. Springtime is awesome! Seeing everyone come out of hibernation...all the activities and parkdays, seeing everyone out on their bikes, being outside more.  Daffodils :)  
3. When I look in the mirror,I am pleased with what I see, I think I look young for my age and content - and that is what I am.
4. Good company...laughter....these are the things I like for a special dinner! 
5. Currently, I am waiting for Susannah to get out of the shower so that I can get in, so that we can finally head out for the day!! Abby has had her shower already....
6. I am looking forward to playing the new Easter games on Sunday.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to our Evening out, tomorrow my plans include the Easter fun at Telus World of Science and Sunday, I want to enjoy family fun at home!Then on Monday we are off to The Prairie Gardens to splodge in the mud and enjoy the Easter fun there :)  A whole weekend of Easter enjoyment :)  I love Easter!!!
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