Jan. 13, 2013

snapshots and edits of old pictures....

Byzantine Deep Freeze Festival

This afternoon Susannah and I headed to 118th Ave to the Winter festival there.  Sam and Abby chose to stay at home with Laurence.  

The festival was really lovely - so much to do.  Many things indoors, but we chose not to take part in those as many were for younger children.  We did have a lovely walk around, took pictures, and stopped in at one of my favourite cafe's for hot chocolate to warm up :)  

Sams 8th birthday party!!!

Yesterday was Sams birthday party.  It had a bit of a Spongebob theme, lots of games and a craft too.  Ice cream birthday cake and lots of snacky food.  

We played 'catch the jellyfish':

Sam was very lucky and got so many fabulous gifts - he is one very happy boy!

We played a game where you had to put a paper plate on your head and draw spongebob:

Pin the treasure chest on the pirate map:

Some of the spongebobs - made from sponges :)  

disguises from the treat bags:

and a spongebob pinata:

Hair and therapy with Amber :)

Susannah getting her hair done:

I'm growing my hair long and it was at that horrible mid way stage but it's now in a sleek bob - all ready for me to grow it.  

Susannah sitting on nothing - she can do this for two minutes.  Strong leg muscles for sure!
And this pic shows her hair after seeing Amber - all straightened and soooo LONG! And she has long side bangs now too :)  

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