Jan. 13, 2013


Outside my window...cloudy yet bright....a fresh dusting of snow on the trees and rooves.  Still cold, but not as cold as it has been.  I can't wait for Tuesday when it's supposed to be quite a bit above freezing!

I am thinking...about going to the winter festival today in Edmonton.  Not really in the mood, but am thinking it might be good to get out.

I am thankful...for my amazing kids - all the help for the birthday party yesterday - and Susannah being so supportive last night.  LOVE my kids!!

In the kitchen...new recipes, home cooked dinners, birthday treats...filled with friends so often these days.  LOVE!!!!

I am wearing...yoga pants and a long sleeved T.  Casual and comfy. Sundays

I am creating...various bits and pieces, artwork, an art class on self esteem.

I am going...to take Sam to spend his gift card tomorrow while Abby is at French.

I am wondering...what is right for me...or maybe I should just surrender and see what happens.

I am reading...Nicholas Sparks 'Safe Haven'.

I am hoping...to hear from someone today.

I am looking forward to...a quieter week this week - hopefully with a bit more 'at home' time :)

I am learning...how great it is to live in town.  I love it :)  I really thought I would miss the old place - but I don't.  It has surprised me, but I love living here :)

Around the house...family and friends hanging out, celebrating, having fun....busy lives but soooo good :)  We are blessed.

I am pondering...making changes :)

One of my favorite things...watching Greys with Susannah - we are in the midst of our annual Greys Marathon - watching it on dvd.  Love it :)

A few plans for the rest of the week:  French class, ice skating, knitting tutorial from Joanne.  Growing Sea Monkeys, Pub quiz.  Sledding, swimming, growing  crystals.  Hanging out with friends.  Begging a certain someone for forgiveness for my stupidity.  Sigh....

A peek into my day...

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