Mar. 29, 2012

Our Thursday - Springbreak continues :)

This was the view from our hotel window last night:

Continental breakfast was included in the deal we had, and so we woke up in time to go down to the breakfast room.  The children loved being able to help themselves to whatever they liked.  Toast, bagels, cold cereals, muffins, fruit, tea, coffee, hot chocolates, was fairly busy and lots of t wasn't so bad that Sam was his usual chatty self  :)  

One lady came over and told me that she couldn't believe how much like her friend I looked and she had found it strange as she was in Edmonton to meet up with her and hadn't seen her for a while and then saw me and was like WOW she thought it was her :)  

Abby was tired but still wanted to go to the pool.  It is a great hotel as they let you check out late - at 1pm instead of 11am - so we got to sue the pool again in the morning :)  Abby relaxed in the hot tub for a while before going for a swim:

I took Susannah's phone away for a day last week and made her read a book - it has got her back in to reading again and now she constantly had her head in a book :)  Yay!  she has been reading constantly ALL week which is lovely to see:

Sa and Abby had so much fun in the pool and made several friends while we were there with children who were staying at the hotel:

A heart Sam made for me from glow sticks:

Today was a gorgeous sunny Spring day.  13c.

We headed home by lunchtime to check on Laurence.  his friends had already left to go home and he was relaxing.  Abigail made some grapefruit juice from the juicer we got at Ikea.  I ate half a grapefruit out on the deck in the sunshine.  Mmmmmm :)

Then we left Susannah and Laurence at home and headed to Park day to meet up with friends at Broadmoor Lake playground.  The first homeschool park day of the year for us :)  I chatted with my friends and Abby and Sam spent the afternoon cycling and playing and chatting with theirs :)  They like taking their bikes to the park.  Sam loves being able to cycle now:

Tomorrow they head off to their dads for the weekend and I have plans for my big two :)  
It's going to be a good weekend :)  

We have had a lovely Spring break.  I hope you have too!
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