Sep. 11, 2012

My life.....

parts of our day...

We watched this today.  It is a tourism dvd on Scotland - where Abby was born and where I lived for a couple of years.  It was lovely showing the kids places I had been - like Butterfly World with the leaf-carrying ants and tarantula, the Museum of Childhood that I went to many times.  The Royal Mile and the was fun to watch with them :)  It covered some history of Scotland too :)  

We did our faces for Day 10 of 29 Faces in September:

We drove in to town for fresh air and exercise with friends
at the skate park:


snapshots from the skateboard park...

Fall is here

Today was sooooo cold and windy - sitting by the skateboard park all afternoon was not too comfy!!
So I dressed for Fall - including chunky sweater and HAT - and sat with a pumpkin latte to warm me up!!


For some reason a skateboard park isn't a skateboard park without street art :)

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